Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thoughts

When the surfing is good then get out on the board, although I do wonder if maybe its not a little crazy playing so close to all those rocks and stuff. I once heard of a guy who went surfing Every day of his life for over ten years. Rain or shine. Wouldn't travel to the midwest for a vacation because He would miss a day surfing. Thats me. Surf boy, just take my rides and paddle back out and do it again.
Centrust building is PINK tonight. My daughter would love that. she has some kind of obsession with the color.
Found a Dentist who works across the street. I will have to suck it up tomorrow and just deal with it as he fixes my problem tooth. I wonder what homeless people do when they have tooth issues? I dont know ? I gave one three dollars tonight though thinking that she should save it for the inevitable root canal she is going to have, but pretty sure she will buy a quart instead. Thats what I would do if I was her... I always was a saver and investor, and preached it, and did it, and followed it, and none of it mattered in the end anyways so to hell with it , buy a quart and get liquored up....

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Quin Browne said...

Dear Bill,

Make sure you put that tooth under the pillow, so that I can leave you some cash for the enamel.


T. Tooth-Fairy