Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on the filming of Atlas Shrugged.

This clip is from the movie set on Atlas Shrugged.
I like that the director nails down the heart of this book and has my same understanding of what the book is about. It is about exceptional people not steal magnates, or railroad executives. It is ultimately, about being and knowing.
You can sense the challenge he is facing in trying to make this book into a movie. It is a serious task he is facing, because the book is so detailed. It is serious, because what Rand is writing about is so fundamentally important. People drive everything, and so many people are shitheads, but that doesn't mean that there are not a minority of people who get it. Who take responsibility for their lives and the choices they make and do not try to place blame outside of themselves.
--- My hope for this movie went up after this brief video but still remains guarded. Also, I did note that they are only trying to do about an 8th of the book and that Galt will not actually be in this first film, This is true to the book. His vision is the set up of the book which does not involve Galt as a character, but only an unknown influence-- Lets face it, when this movie comes out, I am spending my dollars to see it no matter what, but this gives me hope that there is some competence to the people that are making it. They may not be able to pull this movie off, but I have new respect, and believe they truly understand what the task is that they have taken.

Optimism level on the outcome of this movie is at a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, I still believe it will leave me disapointed, but not as bad as I had previously thought.
Here is what I hope for out of this movie: 1) I hope that the scale being the initial setup of the book that the director talks about, is done well. I am okay with it not mirroring the book, nor that it even competes with the book I just hope that it makes me think, that it conveys the point of individualism and that it always remains a story about those that are competent and do things, and those that tag along on the shirt tails of that first group for the ride. The people that are the boils on the asses of those that take responsibility for their lives need to be portrayed along with the Dagny's and Reardons of the world. - Keep that message in the film, and it will be a success.
2) I hope it is successful and that it evolves into a series of movies and that eventually, within that series we meet the character that is John Galt.

Tebow Signs by Sunday August 1rst

Tim Tebow signed a contract the other day. It was with Jockey though, and not the Bronco's. I do believe he will sign with the Broncos soon. I have personally spoken with representatives of his agent (This is true and not me just making stuff up)

His agent does not ordinarily sign people that are not first round type picks, that is how successful he is as an agent. (Jimmy Sexton) So prior to the draft, when there was a lot of talk about Tim Going as low as the fourth round, I asked a guy on his agency team why they signed him. The response was that regardless of his draft Status, Tim Tebow is a Marketing machine, and the revenue they will earn off his endorsements will more than make up for any draft status that he ends up with. -- It was true then, and just because he ended up going in the first round (like he deserved ) does not mean that the majority of the money he earns this year or in his career will come from the Bronco's. Most of it will come with the off field endorsements. -The numbers being published in the news that is being offered by the Bronco's is 12 million over 5 years. with 8.5 guaranteed. that is about 2.4 million a year. His agent is currently holding out for a QB premium, just to save face, but Tebow knows that 2.4 is only about half the money he can make in his Rookie year when endorsements are considered, and the endorsement money will only go up if he ends up making an impact for the Bronco's as a rookie, and to do that he knows he needs to get in camp.
The QB premium that his agent is looking for, is strictly a principle thing, and thus the Broncos know they don't have to budge. Tebow is already working on securing his SECOND contract by being Awesome in the first one, and will not allow any kind of lengthy hold out to occur.
The Bronco's Rookies reported today. The full team is due to report this Sunday. I believe Tebow's deal will be done by then and he will be in camp on August 1. It is the smart move and Tebow is certainly smart.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Season of Weeds is coming soon!

Watching the most recent season of Weeds, getting ready for the New Season that starts on
August 16th.
Mary Louise Parker is such and excellent actress and kind of hot!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atlas Shrugged the Movie

Heard they are filming Atlas Shrugged, but that its on a little budget with no name actors. - Seriously, People will go see that movie because the book was so timeless and is so on point with all the bullshit that is going on now with the O'bama Administration. The book has been in print for 53 years continuously. --- The Library of Congress says it is the second most influential book ever written. Its just a damn good story and philosophy about life.
Those bastards better not make the thing all hokey and full of shit. They have a duty to make it what it should be. -

Friday, July 23, 2010

Things I like: Angelina Jolie, and the movie "Salt" that she stars in...

went to see Salt tonight.

If the James Bond Series was updated, and then cross pollinated with the Jason Bourne Series, and then that amalgamation of a spy film, had babies with the Die Hard Series, while they were both on a cocaine binge, what you would have then, is this movie.
The first ten minutes or so of this flick draws you in to the character. The chase scenes and the action starts after that, and from about that point in, until the end of the movie, its just all action and intensity with several twists and turns, like a ride at Busch Gardens that the Belgians just wished they could invent some time in the future. Serious Roller coaster of a movie is what we have here.
Angelina Jolie owns her role and nails the character. The Stunts are crazy ass top of the line, and although the stuff that goes on is completely unbelievable, you totally believe it anyway, It's that good.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

If we had a Time Machine, things would be different

There is a large piece of glass embedded about 3/4 of an inch in the meaty part of my son's hand. It is on the Karate chopping side of the thing, and blood is dripping all over the place, He is crying, and my daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs. A piece of glass about a half inch, by one inch may not seem huge, but it is a matter of perspective. a piece of Glass in a window really wouldn't be remarkable at all, when it is in part of your 9 year old son's flesh, that's just a HUGE piece of glass in a place it absolutely has no business being in. Its like a Vegetarian eating out at a restaurant called Meat World. Things that just don't belong. -

Because it was a lot of blood that was dripping out everywhere, I wanted to stop it, but did not think pulling the piece of glass out of his hand would be wise, because although it was causing the bleeding, it was also acting kind of like a plug as well. That little piece of glass is kind of like a football helmet. on the one hand a helmet protects your head while playing football, on the other hand because players have a helmet, they don't worry about their head and actively use their noggins when tackling, thus creating head injuries. Its a very Ying Yang kind of situation. Same thing with this piece of glass in his hand, it was like a football players helmet, only without a chin strap or any of those little attaboy stickers like they put on at THE Ohio State University.
The EMT's arrived lickity split, but even as fast as they were, all the neighbors heard the banshee like screaming of my daughter and came out into the street where all this was happening. Including the beautiful Doctor lady from across the street, she was still in her scrubs and also not wearing a bra, and My Ex-wife's High school classmate that actually lives upstairs from me. Nice neighbors, each and everyone of them and the beautiful doctor lady from across the street was packing a serious first aid kit, We wrapped him up with the gauze and declined the ambulance ride. I took him to the Emergency room with hardly any blood drops in my car, and we acted like Americans in an E.R. Meaning we sat around a lot and waited. I will say this though, If you have to go to an Emergency room, do it with a 9 year old kid that has a puncture/ gash wound, because for seriousness yall, It was a comparably quick visit, A little less then 3 hours total from the time in, to the time out. Also a very cool thing about The Tampa General Emergency Room, they have Valet Parking.
During some of the time while we were waiting, My Son wished out loud that he had a time machine so that he could go back and NOT push his hand through the entry door window and instead watch some T.V. I told him that if we had a time machine we could also fix some other mistakes we have made in life as well, plus, probably bet large amounts of money on the outcomes of sporting events that we already know the outcome. In one of his other fine moments during this process, he said that he did not wish this on his sister if they could trade places... (ahhhhh Sweet) but then he followed up by saying he wished some other "random" Kid would have been cut up instead of him.... Okay, we may still need to work on his compassion a little, but he is not wishing it on his sister, who was the one who slammed the glass door on him in the first place (they were playing around and could not envision that glass is breakable, I guess) -editors note: My daughter wants it to be clear she did not MEAN to do it, and it was as much his fault as it was hers which is all true
Anyhow, that was the way Tuesday Night went down. Plus there was a call to my ex-wife to let her know of the situation, there were grape Popsicles and stickers and a grumpy old administrator lady that seemed really put out when I asked if we could get the pain medication changed from a pill form to liquid.
The next night was Softball night and I had to explain to him why he could not use his hand to play catch for a couple of weeks until the thing heals. He got 7 stitches and is quite proud of the blood trail out on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Monday, July 19, 2010

From the Movie "The Last Samurai"

In that movie "The Last Samurai" right towards the end of the film, the Samurai attack the Japanese Imperial Army. All the Samurai have are spears, swords and Bows and Arrows. - The Imperial Army has a Gatling Gun. If all you have are spears and arrows and stuff, and the other guys has a Gatling Gun, than maybe you should re-think the whole situation. -- Not into being Macho like the Samurai were, but Damn, Don't try to scare me when all the other side has are Nerf Guns to shoot at us?
Yes you still have to ride your horse in there and swing those swords, but they are not going to be firing a Gatling Gun at us, And Yes, riding a horse can cause a sore Ass, but damn it you are a Samurai....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More from this week with my kids.

At The Beach!

At the park...

Thinking about moving into that Tall building in the background... Probably just thinking though because it is quite a bit more than I am paying now.

At the wishing Fountain by my house

Rays game from David Price Bobblehead day

Monday, July 12, 2010

Josh Freeman singing Karaoke

This past Thursday -I was hanging out at a bar right by my house, So was Josh Freeman and some of his lineman. They are in the background.
Josh Freeman Is worse than I am at Karaoke, But just like me he seems to enjoy it anyways.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No I don't wanna. Okay now I am liking it...

Funny how my kids fight going to sleep at night, but then also fight waking up in the morning. They hate going to bed, but LOVE sleeping. Its like this: I generally don't like cooking and doing dishes and stuff, but I sure do love to eat. Same thing I guess. Its like going swimming at the Springs, -- Its Hard to get in because of the initial shock of the 72 degree water, but after a few minutes you just get used to it. Especially on a really Hot and Sunny Day. Even then, when you first get out, the Chill will Hit you like little pins. Its like some sadistic acupuncturist with machine gun needles is messing with you.... Same thing for the little Werthers and going to sleep.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Synchronicity where are you?

Good signs from tonight's Softball game: We hit the ball extremely well as a team. In fact, we have hit the ball well the last three games. When we got down, we came back, both times. Bad Signs from tonight's Softball game: We did not field the ball well, Plus those other guys hit the ball well also.
Its like those Synchronized swimmers from the Olympics. It doesn't matter if you get your legs up out of the water and twist them around all ballet like, ---- you have to do it with some synchronicity with the other swimmer ladies or else it is just fail.
Seems like when we play Good Defense, we don't hit it that much on offense, and when we hit the ball relatively well, we don't play much defense to speak of. We have to synchronize the two main parts of the game and do them both in the same contest. Tell you what else, that damn softball field could use a shade tree or two planted up on that diamond, because Playing Softball in Tampa, in July is just HOT. No breeze tonight either, so the sweat just sticks to you, and when it evaporates a little bit, that shit just goes up into that "No Breeze zone" for a second and then comes back and sticks on you some more.
Down by 6 going into our last at bat, (we were the home team) We were able to score 5 runs, but ultimately the tying run was on Second and the winning run was on First when we made the last out of the game. True to Form, the last out was a rope, but unfortunately it was drilled right to their Center fielder.
Also, I slid on a play earlier in that last inning, which is really something I should no better than to do by now. Its hack League Softball. We are ultimately playing for the fun of it, and also for a Beer glass that will get filled up for free sometime in the future. ---- I am doing well enough in life, where I can just Buy a Beer if I feel the urge to drink one, and I already have a cabinet full of glasses, but none the less, I slid.... Probably the third or fourth time I have done that in the past 4 seasons we have played. Doesn't matter that I was safe, and that I ended up scoring the 18th run a short time after that. ---- What matters is that the other team scored 19 runs, and now I have a big old scab on my left calf muscle. Plus, tomorrow when I wear my slacks to work, they will end up sticking to the puss from that big old strawberry I am sporting now, and my dry cleaning bill will revolve just a little sooner than normal.

Rays Game on July 6th

BIG TIME SEATS at the RAYS GAME this past Tuesday, July the 6th.
Those are actually our seats! Except you know, we were standing and not sitting in them, plus we were looking away from the field to have this picture taken, so that we would have the ballpark and the game going on behind us. ..

Rays won, Bill had a great time... all those dudes are good guys to go to a ball game with. ... Also, in real life I am not as fat as I may look in this photograph ... Its a freaking optical illusion okay... OKAY... ......Damn, I still need to step up my running...

Three recent Mascott photo's

The third in the line of Me and a Mascott Photographs: In this one he is just in the background (look close behind me over my Right shoulder) and is not posing with me... I actually tried to get one with him, but he was busy being a DICKWAD NON SPEAKING MASCOTT ASSHOLE about it. So there was no love for me on this day... ( I met him just up the row while the game was going on, shortly after this photo was taken, and I think he had a rule about not getting Knocked in the head with a foul ball or something like that.)
He totally did not say a word, but from the motions he was giving me I was supposed to sit down and get out of the way... What do I look like some kind of a MIME interpreter or something?== We were totally in the getting knocked in the head by a foul ball territory though, so after thinking about it after the fact, I think that was what he was trying to say...

And then of course this one from Thursday the 24th of June which I previously posted:

Then the one of me and the Storm Dog from the TAMPA BAY STORM game a couple of weeks ago...

Monday, July 5, 2010

David Price Bobblehead This Sunday

This Friday, I will have my kids for a couple of weeks. I was thinking of taking them to the Rays Indians game this Sunday. The first 10 thousand kids under 14 years old, get a David Price Bobblehead. Would love to have a David Price Bobblehead myself, but am pretty sure I am not going to be able to pass my self off as a 14 year old. Called my daughter to see if she was really into getting a David Price bobblehead and Yes, She is, It goes without saying my son wants his Bobblehead.
Neither of them follow it enough to know who David Price is, but they do know about Longoria because of the action figure they gave out last year. Now they will know who David Price is. Soon they will know the whole team. Its really just good parenting to get them involved at a young age in the Local team, except with the rays you have to be worried that some time in the future they are going to pull a Los Angelas Rams, or a Baltimore Colts and jet off to some other City. I know I couldn't stand it if they did and it would be extra cruel if I got my kids involved with caring about how the Rays do, and they pull that crap. (Totally on board if they move over here to Hillsborough County though.

Poor Choices in life, This time, by people that are not me

Shout out to Bulldog Nation. - I totally do not want your vacant Athletic Director position. Please do not come out offering it. I am very happy with the job I have now.
What a Bummer for outgoing AD, Damon Evans. Its bad enough he got a DUI, but on top of that, he was busted with his Mistress in the car. Evidently not only was she in the car, but her underwear was in his lap, and then to add more shame, the police report details him crying about it as he is getting taken to the police station. Oh, for poor choices in life.
And not saying I haven't made some Doozie ass poor choices in my life. Not trying to pile on by any means.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So the answer is not Yes, It is No... Here is an example of No. Lots of people had to get together to say No like this. Its a Multi person "No" Situation. -- Or wait, is it just an abbreviation for New Orleans? If it was, someone forgot to get about 8 of them or so together right in-between the N and the O to create the dot.