Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shark Smells blood, Attorney looks to profit.

There are people out there who worship sharks. Rob Stewart made an outstanding documentary called "Sharkwater." I saw it a few months ago, and truly appreciated the beauty, of the beasts. I have scuba dived in the ocean off Key Largo decades ago, and was instructed by the PADI instructor that they are benevolent creatures, and wont hurt you. I took it all in, with trepidation, but went down for the dive and did not happen to come accross any. (to my relief) I pulled some websights recently and the authors also have this surreal feeling for sharks. The movie Rob Stewart made, tries to characterize them as being misunderstood. All of that is fine, and there is probably some truth to it. Statistically, I am aware that there is an insignificant amount of shark attacks throughout the world on a yearly basis. We are more prone to getting hit by lightning then getting attacked by a shark. I get that, and I get the thrill some people get from diving with them.


Markus Groh, from Austria, recently went on a diving excursion in which the boat he was diving from, poured bloody chum in the water to entice Sharks. Mr. Groh understood this was going to happen and signed a waiver (presumably). He was attacked by one of the sharks that showed up for the chumfest, and later died. Very tragic. That shark was doing what sharks will do, but so is a local attorney here in Miami. A Mr. Neblett of Miami Maritime law has advised he would "sue the operator, and sue the people involved." Much like the stupid shark that showed up for a chum fest, the attorney is also just doing what attorneys do. Its like they cant help it. The Shark has no money and doesnt really do land, so going to court with a Shark is not going to work. Mr. Groh has died, and remember, ultimately he chose to do this. It was his decision to go diving in chum and shark infested waters. He certainly didn't know a shark would attack him, but he had to realize the risk. Not everyone that gets in a car being driven by a drunk, ends up dead, but its still a possible outcome. Not every smoker ends up dying from Lung Cancer, but its still a foreseeable possibility. Here is a fact for Mr. Neblett to begin Building his case against the operator, the crew, and probably the boat manufacturer............ wait for it.... Hold on Mr. Neblett..... Sharks,..... They live in the ocean. They are carnivores. Attorneys however, see blood in the water and they want to turn it into contingency fees. Its tragic, what happened, but its only going to get ugly when the lawsuits start flying. You can understand the sharks perspective. He saw lunch, plus it was like he was all coked up due to the chum in the water and was probably in a frenzy. (Chum is like porn to sharks, it gets them excited) What about Mr. Neblett? He probably missed out on the tobacco suits, so he is finding another way to destroy personal accountability in America, although a very obscure way, it will get headlines though, I am sure. I feel sorry for the operator of the charter. Jim Abernathy. He was just trying to run a business where you put chum in the water and attract sharks and then go swimming with them? And now, He will be spending all kinds of money on Other lawyers to protect him from the attorneys who smell the blood in the water now....


Quin Browne said...

what, he never watched jaques cousteau?? doing what he did is like painting honey all over yourself, then lying around, waiting to see if a grizzly just out of hibernation will just sniff you and walk away.

i swear by all that is holy, if i were that judge, i'd laugh until i peed, then throw all of them out of court.

put chum in water then jump in it figuring no shark will eat you, too.


Bill From Gainesville said...

Its like jumping out of a plane without any experience only totally different. On the one hand it doesnt seem to smart to have chum and a bunch of sharks while you are diving, on the other I bet it was awesome right up to the point where the Shark actually eats you. but the fact a lawyer was quoted about going after the boat owner, thats what kills me... the dude was a grown man and although I WOULD never do what he did I think he should have the right to do as he wishes and the boat owner shouldnt be held accountable. no one forced him to go diving that day.