Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Joy of the CUBANS

I saw joy today. The Cubans are going NUTS down here, in a reserved kind of way. On the one hand they have been dreaming of Fidel not being in Power, but I think in their dreams it was always due to an overthrow of his communist regime. Thats how they envisioned it. In their dreams, democracy comes back to Cuba and life is all good. So yeah, they are happy about Fidel being out, but the new guy, his name is Castro also.
The Cuban Government is going with a youth movement. Instead of that 81 year old Grey bearded dude, they are going with the spry 76 year old Raul.
The Cubans are like the redneck hunters in one particular way. Those hunter dudes get SOOO excited right before the season. You ask them about it, and you can see in their eyes how excited they are about the pending deer season or whatever, then get them started on a hunting story which, by the way is mostly just, I was in the woods and a deer walked by and then I shot him .... blah blah blah, .....but they are saying it with a twinkle in their eye and their whole aura glows... Its like the Cubans with the resignation of Fidel... I was in The Middle of Hialeah at an older cuban ladie's house today and she had the spanish speaking news on. The newscasters were going OFF, on the T.V. talking about it, and the lady was just beaming .. I thought she was going to take her shotgun out, rub elk pee all over herself and shoot a deer or something... same kind of glow in her eyes... I love this city.....


The Charming Hedonist said...

Yay for Cuba! And can we get some love for Kosovo?!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Hey charming,... Knowshown Moreno called, he said he was going to quit the UGA football team to pursue his dream of becoming an "Evil Dictator" I wish him well as I dont care if I ever see him again, you know unless its in the NFL and he has the good sense to run the rock for the Fish...Signed, Rawhide