Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents day

As far as Holidays go, Presidents day kind of mails it in. Sure government employees get it off, and Bank employees, and I think students do also. But even Hallmark has not been able to sell it as a holiday. Presidents day is sort of like Labor Day, in that its good if you get it off, but labor day kicks Presidents day's ass.
Labor day has more of the general population that gets it off, and plus it has the fine sense to associate itself with cookouts and stuff. Not that Labor Day is all that, Hallmark doesnt know what to do with this one either. I think those people over at HallMark are mailing it in also..why is everyone mailing it in and really what does it mean to "mail it in" ?
I will tell you about a fine holiday, INDEPENDENCE DAY. Thats a damn fine holiday right there. General workers like myself can get this one off, Plus you get cookouts, Fireworks and generally, its a lake and beach kind of holiday, and we all know what that means: Beautiful women in Bikinis.... which, I just happen to have a picture of Julie Henderson right here, so think of this kind of like a public service. (She would SO want me if she only knew me)
So, yes, I can take president's day and its silly little "white" sales or I can leave it. Its really kind of a sidekick holiday Its like the green Lantern of holidays. A super hero, sure, but as far as superhero's go you think of so many others before you get down to the green Lantern. Theres Superman, thats kind of like Christmas, and there is Batman, which is like Thanksgiving, Captain America is independence day, all the way down to the green lantern for presidents day, and dont get me started on "flag" day... Thats probably like Robin or something.

Anyway I had to work on Presidents day, Plus I didnt get any mail because of it, then it rained while I was downtown so now I think I am going to Finnegans on the river to have a few cocktails in honor of this fine holiday... and when I say "fine" holiday I am not being sarcastic, Just cause HallMark cant exploit it, and only bank employees and government workers get it off its still got more going for it then most "Mondays" so allthough I mock this holiday I still have a bit of respect for it, plus I can certainly appreciate my man George Washington and his leadership, and of course Teddy.

---------Finnegans on the River

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