Monday, January 30, 2012

Gasparilla invasion

Did the invasion thing on Saturday - Drank a bunch but not as much as this guy 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Just watched the movie 50/50.  Recommend it highly.  Good movie.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A triple for the Billster, and an analogy to go with it

Wednesday Night Softball doubleheader tonight.  Lost the first one 24 to 20, and won the second game, 22 to 12.
Not really bragging,  but I did think of an analogy that I want to use, so I have to tell you.  I usually just poke singles,  but tonight I had a Stand Up Triple.   That is allot of damn running right there for the Billster.  It is quite rare for me to hit for power anymore, but I was feeling it a little tonight.
How rare is it for me to hit a Triple?  just about as rare as a true Lesbian sucking a penis.  (things Lesbians don't really do,  just like me hitting a stand up triple  lately )

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wire

Just Bought the entire five seasons of  "The Wire" and finished watching them last night.  That is just good Television right there.  Love that I was able to watch three or four of them in a row and in fact on one  weekend  a few weeks back  I mixed in the entire first season.   It was well written and acted but it also had a component of realism.  Glad I missed it when it was on because waiting a full weak for the next episode would have been tough.   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dont punish the Marines

Some United States Marines are evidently going to be in a bit of trouble with their superiors for peeing on some dead Taliban soldiers. 
If I were their commanders,  I'd Slap em on the wrist and be done with it.   I would  tell them not to do that again. " Mr. Marines, going forward,  Please don't pee on any dead Taliban soldiers."
Presumably they had just killed those guys, which, in the overall scheme of things would seem to be more offensive then getting peed on after you are dead.   No one is mad at them for doing that because thats what you do in wars.   Let them slide for pissing on them afterwards.  Those guys were trying to kill them.  Its war.  let it go.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lost French dudes and hot chicks with tiny nostrils

True story about Tonight.  I worked late today until at least about 6:30 p.m.  or so.  I had ate a little breakfast, but no lunch.   I looked in my refrigerator and none of that stuff seemed worthwhile so I decided to head up to my favorite bar.  On the way,  I texted a neighbor of mine to see if she wanted to go.
She texted me back to say she was already hanging out at the bar,   So, when I arrived,  it was already going on.    
I saw this absolutely beautiful woman,  but she had the tiniest nose.  I truly worried that if she ever got even a decent sized booger in her Rhino,  she might suffocate,  because this girl had the tiniest nose and corresponding little itsy bitsy nostrils it worried me.   No way that her finger would ever fit inside those breathing holes to ever get any type of boogers out of there.  lets face it everyone picks their nose,  except this girl probably could not fit her fingers in if her life depended on  it.  Still,  as tiny as that was,  she was super hot.
Then a french dude from France came up to us because he was lost.  He had flown in earlier that day but somehow got lost and instead of going to Clearwater he ended up in downtown Tampa.  It was awesome,  I gave him directions and wished him well on his journey back over the bridge,  but deep down I wondered how much he understood.  True story the dude was FRENCH and he primarily spoke that language and he had asked ME how to get where he was going.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Fantasy football has been over for a couple of weeks.   This was one of my worst years ever.  I came in Dead Last in one league, and close to the bottom in the other.  My team was horrible.  In the league I came in dead last,  here are some of the mistakes we made. 
* Picked CJ2K  with my first pick and he absolutely sucked this year but I kept plugging him in the lineup anyways hoping that week would be the one when he broke out.
* Picked Marshawn Lynch really low and thought I had a steal,  but then after he did pretty much nothing, for the first 5 weeks We dropped him, and wouldn't you know he went off after that?
* Started Kellen Winslow over Fred Davis way to many games
* Drafted Shonn Green way to high
In the other league I had some bad breaks as well.
*  Darren McFadden was awesome until he got hurt relatively early in the season,  no big deal though he will just miss a couple of weeks I thought.   Not true,  dude never came back from an ankle.  Dude couldn't be decent enough to just get Hurt really bad so I wouldn't continue going around with hope he would be back any week.
*  Had Adrian Peterson as well and he missed a few games from an ankle and of course by the time he got back it was a little late.  (then of course he had that awful injury after that and I doubt he will ever be the same)
* Scored the second or third most points in a week on 4 separate occasions, but went 1 and 3 those weeks because the schmuck I was playing outscored even that those weeks.
Just disappointing

Here is A picture of Jerry Jones being disappointed, I think it could apply to my fake teams that I owned, as much as it does to his real one.
Don't get me started on how disappointing the Gator Season was as well....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012

Spent New Years Eve with my kids.  We watched a "Big Bang" Marathon.  That is a T.V.  Show  they seem to like,  not some kind of porn. We switched over to watch the ball drop just before midnight,  and I had to explain Dick Clark's deal to them.  So sad for him.
Took them to the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day,  except it was really the Second of January, which was the way they rolled this year, due to January 1st,  falling on a Sunday.

Took them to see the Movie New Years Eve on the real New Years Day because My Daughter really wanted to see it, and my son wanted to eat Movie Theatre candy.  On the way back to the car a Homeless guy with a Boston Accent Told them to "Respect your Fatha and your motha" Except they thought he said "your the Spitting Image of your Fatha, and your motha.  The whole ride home they were working on their Boston Accent with that line.