Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love me some Tim Tebow!

The phenomenon of Tim Tebow fascinates me.  I love watching him turn his doubters into believers,  But one of the things these professional analysts  get wrong is all this hyperbole that he is running a spread option offense in the pro game.  He really isn't.  Yes they have a few spread option plays that they mix in,  and yes, at the end of the Jets Game on that 95 yard drive , they went to it primarily,  but overall it is actually a very conservative pro set they are running.  They still have the same offense Orton was running, they just mixed in a few plays from the spread package.  They use it like training wheels but often Tim is riding that bike without either of the two training wheels touching the ground. 
Another thing the professional analysts do, is criticize his ability to throw the football.  Yet if you look at it objectively many of his incompletions are dropped passes.  I counted 4 in the Jets game.  That would have made him 13 for 20 instead of 9 for 20.   I agree his accuracy is one of his weaker points in his game right now,  but the emphasis the talking heads put on this weakness is exaggerated.  I have seen improvement in just the five  games he has played so far. (I have only actually seen him play in four of them,  I missed the Kansas  game because I went to the Bucs Game that day. )
Tim Tebow is a passionate football player and his enthusiasm is infectious.  He makes other players around him better.   He is like Helen Hunt in that movie "as good as it gets" He makes his team-mates want to be better football players.    

Friday, November 18, 2011


Tebow and the Bronco's are 4 and 1 since they began giving 15 the starting role. They were 1 and 4 prior to that.  Pretty sure that means something.  -- So happy for the kid! - Demayrius Thomas was actually the number 1 pick of the Broncos the year Tebow came out and probably even rightly so,  but Josh McDaniels Knew a football player when he sees one.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The People at Jiffy Pop should help me put my clothes away

Doing the wash the other day, in the way that I do it. ( I wash Dirty clothes, and they are all dirty, so I don't have time to segregate between whites and colors)  I probably had 3 full loads of clothes that needed washing,  but I only wanted to mess with one load, so I rummaged through the dirty clothes pile and filled my basket up by choosing just the clothes I would most likely wear in the next few weeks.  (favorite clothes status is kind of like favored nation status for countries if you as a person were a country)
When they were done and I was going to start the process of putting them in drawers and the closet,  I just reached in and grabbed a mess load of hangers for my shirts.  It just so happened I had grabbed the  perfect amount of hangers.  I had randomly thrown in 12 shirts without counting,  and also randomly grabbed 12 hangers. -- Its not life shattering or anything because If I had not grabbed enough hangers I could have just gone back to the closet and got more,  or if I had snagged too many hangers I could just put the remainder back. -  One of those two scenarios is usually what always happens,  but not that day.  On that day, my hangers and my clothes washing was in perfect harmony.  -  It is a small thing for sure, but,  it made me  happy.
Its kind of like eating microwave popcorn,  except with Microwave popcorn you usually hit on the perfect amount more than you find a shortage or an overage.  Most of the time,  when you are watching a movie or something and decide to have some popcorn, you pop it and then eat it, and when you are done with the bag, you are content.   You ate all the popcorn in the bag and you don't want more.  Sometimes though you eat the whole bag and you want more so you have to pop another bag.  Other times you pop that bag and you only eat 3/4 of it or so when you are full, or if not full,  tired of popcorn.    Usually the one bag is perfect.  Its like the people at Jiffy Pop know me.  

A couple of phone calls

A few days ago,  I received a phone call from the ex-wife.  Her agenda was basically that our daughter is about to get her Learners permit and we need to get her added on to an automobile policy.  Primarily,  My Automobile policy because you don't just add people on to a policy for free.  She wouldn't necessarily mind if she was added to Her policy, but what did concern her was who was going to be paying for it.  
So then I made a phone call, and found out that when you add someone that is not yet a fully licensed driver , as is the case in this situation,  they were not going to charge anything,  It's a year later when they get you.  
I also found out I could be paying a little less than I currently am  on my own deal, and it worked out to be a savings for me of $150 over 6 months!  Thats 300 dollars for the year! So that worked out well.  Out of curiosity though, I asked the what about in a little over a year from now?  How much would it be then,  once a 16 year old Girl is added? The answer ? around $1800.00.... Yikes! But,  that is still more than a little over a year away, so until then I am just going to focus on the approximately $300 savings I will be getting!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Collage My Daughter made and I had framed

This past summer,  my daughter and I went to New York City for 4 days.  I blogged about it back then.  Shortly after we got back, she made a collage with the playbills,  various tickets to stuff we went on and some postcards.   Just recently I had it professionally framed and here is a picture of it:  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Protest is ridiculous

The Occupy Wall Street protest is the most ridiculous thing.    These people evidently  believe that wall Street controls the government and that by hanging out in a park,  they will change things?    They apparently also want some kind of wealth re-distribution as well?  Idiot Nut bags is what they are.  Our political system is clearly a mess but the freedom to make a bunch of money if you have the smarts and know how is what built this country.  The people who dominate Wall Street and then subsequently influence politicians, is just  how the game is played.  I can respect that the nut bags hanging out in Zuccoti Park don't like the game, even though I disagree with them,  but their actions to change things is absolutely futile and misguided.  It's like they are throwing wet spaghetti noodles at a tank.  Sure it would kind of be a pain in the but for the tank commander but it really would have no effect.   I just can't believe how long it has gone on.  

The Ides of November

Here it is the Ides of November and I have posted one time this month not counting this one.  The month before that,  I barely came to play either.   I just have not been feeling it lately.  I miss that feeling when you just have to write and it kind of just comes out on its own.   I don't get that much at all anymore,  and sometimes when I do, the material is not appropriate for this blog.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ahmad just needs a chance

The Bucs picked up David Sims today -  He is a Safety.  Very disappointing to me because they have Ahmad Black (Gator)  just sitting there on the practice squad.  - Hope the dude can play though and hope Ahmad gets a shot,  if not this year then next.  Pretty sure the dude can play at the NFL level.