Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just my train of thought as I watch the NFL Draft

Watching the Draft-- Love it being on Thursday in Prime Time.

-Wow, Nick Fairly looks like Urkle, if Urkle was on steroids.
-Da'Quan bowers has two capital letters in his name. Thats just extra capitalization going on right there.
-Wow- Vikings really reached in picking Christian Ponder so high. I mean the dude can play, and I believe he will have a long career, but primarily as a backup and spot starter.
-Detroit is going to be a good team next year- Nick Fairley AND Suh? that is scary stuff. If Stafford can quit getting hurt, that team is going to do something next season.
-Come on DOLPHINS -- Don't screw this up!
-WOOOHOOOO! - Mike Pouncy to the DOLPHINS! First GATOR to GO! I likey!-- (noticed Adazio is in NY to be with him. - So glad he is no longer the Gators OC) I saw him hugging Mike and I wasn't angry at Him anymore. I can let it go now.
-I can't believe Prince Amukamara is still available and the Bucs are only two picks away! -- Crossing my fingers that SanDiego and the Giants don't snag him first.
- Wow Corey Liuget's mom has her Easter Sunday Church Hat on! that thing is FABULOUS! -- also San Diego did not get Prince Amukamara so he just has to get by the Giants now to be available for the Bucs.
-Uh Oh--- the Giants fans are chanting that "We Want Prince" - from my perspective, this is NOT good. Shut your Whore Mouths up!
-Come on Giants, pick someone other than Prince.
-Prince's relatives are rocking the African Garb....
-Okay a Defensive End. Can always use a pass rush. Adrian Clayborn welcome to TAMPA!

A night of Winning

Excellent night tonight.

We beat our nemesis in softball to sweep them this season, and also remain undefeated. We got new shirts to coincide with our new sponsorship as well. (Buffalo Wild Wings is going to Pay our entry fee for us next season)
Then we went to BWW after our game to drink some beer , and catch the Lightning , as well as the Rays. They both won. The place was packed, and Playoff Hockey in a quasi Hockey town, is some good stuff, especially in a full bar on the big screen. I know my bandwagon self enjoyed watching it in that atmosphere As much as I ever remember watching Hockey in my life, with the possible exception of my 14 year old self watching the USA beat Russia on tape delay back in 1980. - Funny thing about that, I definitely remember watching it when they showed it on T.V. but after all these years I cannot remember if I was already aware they had won, or if it was a surprise for me when I saw it when it aired in the United States .
Just lots of winning going on tonight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hanging out with Mario Lemieux tonight, Sort of:

Went to Game 6 of the Lightning vs. Penguins Playoff game tonight. The Penguins Management/ownership, was in the suite right next to the one we were in, and I was able to sneak this Picture of Mario Lemieux.

I was not trying to be Paparazi, so it did not come out so well.
It was an awesome night. The Lightning won 4 to 2 to force a game 7, and we never ran out of beer in our suite either.
Towards the end of the Game, the entire Arena was going absolutely nuts, except for Mario's Suite. They just had a bunch of guys in Sports coats and suits sitting all somber like. I looked back over to their seats approximately 15 seconds after the final horn and that place was cleared out. Guess they wanted to get back to Pittsburgh.
Here is a better picture of Mario I found on the internet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 was just another day for me.

Today is 4/20

This day means something to the stoner cliques.
As for me, this particular day was about
1) Going to work - Stuff has to get done, and it is what pays all the bills, and keeps food on my kids table and a roof over our heads (two roofs actually)
2) Dealt with some maintenance issues for my car-- not anything major, just my steering wheel and ignition system giving me a little attitude.
3) Met my Ex-wife on this day, --- 19 years ago. (true story, it was a work related thing and no one wanted to go to meet her, so we drew straws and I had the shortest one - ended up marrying her.)
4) Played some softball (Most Wednesdays, this is a thing I do) and we did well, beat the other guys 20 to 5 and I purposely hit a single, a double and a triple. (honestly the Triple might have not been quite so purposeful, but I did intentionally try to hit it down the right field line in hopes of getting a double, and even as slow as I am right now with my lame hamstring, I was able to stretch it to the third bag.
5) Jogged a mile and a half. - Okay, truth be told, probably only ran about 3/4 of a mile and walked the other 3/4 -- Stupid Hamstring injury - if I had not had a softball game I would have had more time and would have put in about 4 miles.
6) Dealt with my kitchen sink giving me some trouble -- That ended up in a tie. It's still clogged, but I will work on it some more tomorrow.
7) Read a serious article about human life expectancy in which the author/scientist, argued we may be at the point of living indefinitely.
8) Drank a couple of beers at the bar after the softball game and watched the end of the Rays game as well as the 3rd period and first overtime of the Lightning playoff matchup.
9) texted my oldest kid a little bit, mostly just confirming her plans for this weekend and my duties as her chauffeur.
It was a day, not really a remarkable one, but still, it is what I got, and this is what I did with it. All in all it was good. Hung out with my friends, got some things done at work as well as some personal issues with the car and the exercise and the hanging out with friends . This is what I did, and thats how it went.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tall redhead.

Good things!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlas Shrugged a movie review

Saw Atlas Shrugged Part 1, Last night.
So happy the Producers and Director pulled it off. Obviously to make it into a movie, they had to cut ton's of background, just for the sake of time, they also shifted some of the scenes around, but the way they did it worked. What they didn't cut was the underlying story. It is still a story about competence and ability and passion, versus those that just take without contribution. In short they kept the philosophy instead of just making it about a train executive.
I was wondering how they were going to make it in the present day, but they were able to sell it in the opening and create the buy in needed. Taylor Schilling was Solid as Dagny and Grant Bowler was Excellent as Reardon.
As usual, the book is of course, better, but like the book, the movie is intriguing and interesting enough so that when you are done reading, or the film is over, you are left wanting more. Ayn Rand has been dead for about 29 years now, but her voice comes through in the movie. I believe she would have approved.
I will no doubt see it again and I urge others as well. It is good value for your movie going dollars and if they can make money on it, and it does well, hopefully Part 2 will have a bigger budget and they will be able to make it even better.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Tax Day !

Tax day today. (technically they don't have to be post marked till the 18th this year though) -

I have some O'bama loving friends (they can't help it), I wonder if they love this day like it is his birthday? This must be such a great day for all those democrats ! Ooooh BOY! IT'S TAX DAY Yippeeeee! Love writing Checks to the Government!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "Secret" Happiest place on earth

I had the worlds most Obvious dream last night. If there were awards for easiest dream interpretation ever, my mantle would have the first place trophy sitting on it right now, all shiny and glistening. If I had a mantle, but since it is an imaginary award that I just gave myself it will fit fine on my imaginary mantle.
I remember a lot of it, because immediately upon gaining consciousness again, I purposely began memorizing it. Even doing that, some of it got away.
The Gist of it is this:
My X-Wife and I were riding in a limousine to the secret entrance of Disney World. Not the secret entrance into the lot where you park your car so that you may then get on the monorail to go into Disney World, but the secret entrance actually into the park itself. It was not exactly Disney World either, but rather, a special, reserved, secret Disney World . It had giant wooden doors like you might see on a castle, and I was amazed that they just opened it right up for us.
I remember that part distinctly.
I don't remember how or why we got out of the Limousine, or where it and the driver went, but the next thing I remember, is My Ex- Wife and I driving around secret Disney World in my car. She was at the wheel. We even had a discussion about her wanting to drive my car, to which I agreed.
She then lost control of the vehicle shortly after driving, and drove it into a little Gully. It wasn't a huge ditch, but it was big enough to cause some damage to the vehicle, it caused the steering to become difficult and dinged up the fender a little bit. We got out together, and assessed the damage, and decided we could go on until we could get it into the shop. My Ex- Wife specifically apologized for the accident and admitted to her mistake in running it into the gully so carelessly. We again discussed who would be driving and she still wanted the wheel, and I did not argue with her. We then went on our way again (I wish I could remember where it was in secret Disney World that we were going, but I just can't, I do remember however, that we did have some type of a purpose or destination that we were trying to find)
As we were going on our little mission in Secret Disney World, whatever it was, She was now driving on a flat, wide open grass field and we were heading directly for a Huge ditch, the drop off was probably at least 6 feet, almost like a little mini, cliff. I remember seeing it coming up and distinctly told her from my position in the passenger seat, that she needed to watch out for the edge or we will crash again much more severely. In the dream though it was much more direct and with less detail. I just said "don't drive over the edge" or something to that effect, When I told her that, it was absolutely inconceivable that the cliff posed any type of threat to us because to me, in my dream, it was so very clear what the danger was, and I remember thinking it would be no problem for her to just make a right turn and then run parallel with the edge. She did begin lackadaisically, to make the right turn to avoid driving directly over the side. I remember this being kind of amazing to me, that she could be that horrible of a driver, and not realize the threat, and that her nonchalance was quite inadequate for the situation. As we were now almost driving parallel to the edge, the left front wheel went over the side, she had tried to turn, but did not make it sharp enough. This caused the rest of the car to flip over the cliff and land on the drivers side doors and sheet metal. The car was absolutely crushed.
We got out of the car, neither of us was injured, but the car was in a spot that we needed lots of help to first of all, get it out of the huge ditch, and then we were going to have quite a bill to get the thing fixed and be without the car for a long time.
The next thing I remember was the two of us in a building, still within secret Disney World, trying to make arrangements to take care of the problem. I remember being dismayed about her driving ability as well, and asking her why. I distinctly remember thinking how stupid it was that she had not turned the vehicle more sharply and that I had clearly known in my heart that had I been driving, neither of the two accidents would have occurred.
While inside the building, we tried to find someone with a crane that may have been able to help us get the car out of the giant ditch but we couldn't find anyone, I don't think the telephone worked right if I recall, and we began discussing what we were going to do next. At this point My X-Wife began talking with some type of an accent that was hard to understand, I tried to tell her to knock it off, but it only got worse, to the point I had no idea what she was saying, almost like she was speaking pure gibberish.
I woke up at about this point.
Since thinking about it most of the day, the car clearly represents our marriage, but the failure to find help in getting it out of the ditch and to a repair shop, is also kind of telling. The damage was horrific, and it included mechanical as well as body work, but essentially, and theoretically, it was not un-salvagable.
As obvious as that dream is, and what it is about, (the demise of our marriage, from the perspective of my subconscious) what I don't understand is the timing. Why after 4 years since I moved out of the house, and nearly 3 years since we have officially been divorced did I dream this?
That is the best I can retell it, although in my heart I do know there are some nuances about it, that I just can't recall. I do think when we were in the limousine driving through the giant Castle like doors, we were extremely happy for being let into secret Disney World. This is essentially very close to how the dream played out in my subconscious.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kissing your sister

Stupid softball game, damn rules of that park, and their silly acceptance of Ties in the regular season portion of the league. UGHHH, and when I say it was a tie, thats only because they scored the exact same amount of runs as we did, but it felt more like a loss. We had the lead, they had the last at bat, and they scored enough to "tie" us, before we could get the third out, and thats how it ends. - No extra innings, not even one pitch, just a tie that felt bad. - Still undefeated on this season though, so there is that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hanging on to that towel

Ever play tug of war with a little dog? They are Biting down on one end of a hand towel and you are holding the other, and you are just pulling and tugging, both toward yourself, and right and left, and that Dog Just hangs on? Even pulls back on it some. If it is a little dog you can sometimes even get them airborne a little, with the rough housing? - I feel like that dog right now, just hanging on and sometimes going airborne. - I guess sometime in the future I might be forced to let go. Then it will be time to see if I can get back on that little towel or find another towel. Just wish the person at the other end was a little easier. Hate going airborne with him, but that's just how he shakes it right now, and I like chewing on that towel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Louis Murphy and his Silliness.

Louis Murphy was arrested in Gainesville the other day, Mostly for just being a jerk. The Gainesville Sun reported that he was in his Escalade with the music playing extremely loud, so Johnny Law pulled him over, except he didn't comply , he just continued on and went into a parking lot, then got out of the vehicle and basically just ignored the cop. This is always a bad ideal. They arrested him for resisting arrest, and then they searched his car, and found a bottle of Viagra. Evidently he did not have a subscription.

What was he thinking? Why would a 23 year old professional athlete need that stuff? I am a middle aged man, and I still haven't reached the point where I would need that junk.
The Commercials for that stuff is directed at Middle aged guys like myself and if it ever became an issue for me, I do believe I would get some, but at 23? Seriously? And why would you think you could just walk away from the cops?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Saturday at the Rays Game.

Took my kids to see the Rays this past weekend.

My Kids remembered the Giant Hot Dogs they sell at Fergs, so I took them back and we wore those bad boys out.

Rays Lost though, and that is always a bad thing, although It was exciting at the end. Two outs and down by two runs in the Bottom of the ninth and Zobrist hit a shot that at the very least was going to be a triple and maybe a home run but The Orioles Right Fielder made a Play.