Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 was just another day for me.

Today is 4/20

This day means something to the stoner cliques.
As for me, this particular day was about
1) Going to work - Stuff has to get done, and it is what pays all the bills, and keeps food on my kids table and a roof over our heads (two roofs actually)
2) Dealt with some maintenance issues for my car-- not anything major, just my steering wheel and ignition system giving me a little attitude.
3) Met my Ex-wife on this day, --- 19 years ago. (true story, it was a work related thing and no one wanted to go to meet her, so we drew straws and I had the shortest one - ended up marrying her.)
4) Played some softball (Most Wednesdays, this is a thing I do) and we did well, beat the other guys 20 to 5 and I purposely hit a single, a double and a triple. (honestly the Triple might have not been quite so purposeful, but I did intentionally try to hit it down the right field line in hopes of getting a double, and even as slow as I am right now with my lame hamstring, I was able to stretch it to the third bag.
5) Jogged a mile and a half. - Okay, truth be told, probably only ran about 3/4 of a mile and walked the other 3/4 -- Stupid Hamstring injury - if I had not had a softball game I would have had more time and would have put in about 4 miles.
6) Dealt with my kitchen sink giving me some trouble -- That ended up in a tie. It's still clogged, but I will work on it some more tomorrow.
7) Read a serious article about human life expectancy in which the author/scientist, argued we may be at the point of living indefinitely.
8) Drank a couple of beers at the bar after the softball game and watched the end of the Rays game as well as the 3rd period and first overtime of the Lightning playoff matchup.
9) texted my oldest kid a little bit, mostly just confirming her plans for this weekend and my duties as her chauffeur.
It was a day, not really a remarkable one, but still, it is what I got, and this is what I did with it. All in all it was good. Hung out with my friends, got some things done at work as well as some personal issues with the car and the exercise and the hanging out with friends . This is what I did, and thats how it went.

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cwerther said...

we should really get you a chauffeur hat