Monday, April 25, 2011

Hanging out with Mario Lemieux tonight, Sort of:

Went to Game 6 of the Lightning vs. Penguins Playoff game tonight. The Penguins Management/ownership, was in the suite right next to the one we were in, and I was able to sneak this Picture of Mario Lemieux.

I was not trying to be Paparazi, so it did not come out so well.
It was an awesome night. The Lightning won 4 to 2 to force a game 7, and we never ran out of beer in our suite either.
Towards the end of the Game, the entire Arena was going absolutely nuts, except for Mario's Suite. They just had a bunch of guys in Sports coats and suits sitting all somber like. I looked back over to their seats approximately 15 seconds after the final horn and that place was cleared out. Guess they wanted to get back to Pittsburgh.
Here is a better picture of Mario I found on the internet.

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