Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Louis Murphy and his Silliness.

Louis Murphy was arrested in Gainesville the other day, Mostly for just being a jerk. The Gainesville Sun reported that he was in his Escalade with the music playing extremely loud, so Johnny Law pulled him over, except he didn't comply , he just continued on and went into a parking lot, then got out of the vehicle and basically just ignored the cop. This is always a bad ideal. They arrested him for resisting arrest, and then they searched his car, and found a bottle of Viagra. Evidently he did not have a subscription.

What was he thinking? Why would a 23 year old professional athlete need that stuff? I am a middle aged man, and I still haven't reached the point where I would need that junk.
The Commercials for that stuff is directed at Middle aged guys like myself and if it ever became an issue for me, I do believe I would get some, but at 23? Seriously? And why would you think you could just walk away from the cops?

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