Thursday, September 25, 2008

a way not to wake up in the morning

You know a bad way to wake up in the morning? When your Ex-Wife calls you and gives you a bunch of shit about stuff that is not any of her business--- thats a bad way to wake up in the morning? And then she says one thing that just GNAWS at you and gets your blood pressure going.... Damn I need to take my medicine ... I am in a PISSED off mood and the day is just starting and thats my fault -- I can't control her giving me stupid shit, but I can control my reaction to it, except I cant -- not right now, I am in DEFAULT pissed off mode right now and that is no way to wake up in the morning. UGHHHH!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A lesson to ponder from Steve Spurrier

Life is not fair, the sooner you can learn that lesson, then the better off you will be.
Everything is your responsibility, so the sooner you realize that the unfair shit is because you deserve it, then the sooner you can fix it. Steve Spurrier used to tell football players that fucked up on the field, that its not their fault, It was his, for recruiting them in the first place. That is a great example of why he was a great coach and a thing we need to learn in life. You are where you are in life because the lessons you learn from being in that spot are what you need.

Monday, September 22, 2008

underdog wins some yesterday

Man, The Dolphins fans are going nuts down here. They won one game and yes it was a beautiful thing filled with excellent line play and a dash of Ronnie Brown for flavor, but I think that Patriots Team is worse off then just losing Brady.
The Radio today was off the charts. Joey Porter called it before hand, and amazingly a large group of people on the radio said they saw it coming, however they are full of shit. Even Joey Porter is probably surprised, No wait, he was full of shit also, but he backed it up. 3 sacks and a nice defensive game for the Fish.
I enjoyed it very much and then went out and played a little Softball. My team finally won a game. Its not that we played well, we didnt, the other team just played worse. We each only had nine players and they chose to basically play four outfielders and only one guy on the lft side of the infield. Then they put a girl at second who was kind of challenged, so basically they had their third baseman playing the whole side over there, and then the second base side was a hole as well. Still we only beat them 13 to 12. Then The next game after that, a team needed a player so I joined em and we won that game also. Just a nice Sunday. I chose not to work and it paid off with a fish win and a Last Kids Picked win. All in the same day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye Yankee Stadium

I went to one game at Yankee Stadium, The house that Ruth Built. We Saw a Yankee win against the crosstown rival Mets. It was 2006? I think? maybe 2005? A-Rod hit two bombs that night, I took my wife at the time, The Ex Wife now. We had fun that night, but our marriage was already over, We just didn't know it then. We drank allot, made some friends with the Mets fans that sat next to us, and then took a cab back to the hotel.
I realize its just bricks and concrete and stuff, and I am not even a huge Baseball fan at all, although next to the Marlins I would say if anything I am a Yankees guy because, you know, I went to that one game, --- but it was a place like not to many other places in America, and it had some history. Now ESPN has the music and the nostalgia going on the T.V. and it just makes me sad that its done now.
Makes me sad that it was one of the last nice nights with my Ex - Wife that we ever had. We were unraveling as a couple way before then and we argued most of that weekend, but that night was good. We went to a bad ass steak house before the game and then saw the game go down and took it all in.
I am sure I will take my next Starting Girlfriend to the new Yankee stadium and have some good memories their -- are they memories when you haven't had them yet? I don't know but I do know I will go to NY again and one of the times I go, it will be Baseball season and the Yankees will be playing at home and me and my future Girlfriend will be there and maybe they will be playing the Mets again and we will make some friends with some METS guys again. Life is lived and shit happens including destroyed relationships, renewed relationships, and blown up stadiums that become parking lots.

The Titans

The Tennessee Titans fascinate me. They are a good ass football team. They also have some quirks that amuse me. First of all, as I said before, they are good. They win, and you know how they win? They win by playing excellent Defense and they win because before you play them you know they are going to beat you by the score of 13 to 7 or 16 to 10. That is how they beat you. They can be up 42 to 6 and the final score will be either 13 to 7 or 16 to 10, one or the other. Thats how they are.
They have a badass stadium and a bad ass coach. they like to boo there pro-bowl quarterback to the extent that now he is tired of winning 13 to 10 or whatever. They pay the guy millions so that they can watch kerry collins play QB, thats just how that franchise rolls.
They run the back up the middle and then , whether it works or not, they run it again. then they either get the first down or they dont, and if they dont, they boooooo the hell out of the QB, and then they play Defense. That is what they do and who they are.
They are hardnose and dont really believe in the forward pass. they will have stats that indicate they threw for 67 yards for an entire game.
If Vince Young was still their quarterback, it would be like he was a catcher in Baseball and someone tried to steal on them, him, you know, whatever? It is 120 feet from the plate to second base, and if Vince is their Catcher, you know he would two hop it on his attempt to throw a runner out from that distance . Either that or he is going to throw it into Centerfield. Thats how they are and also who they are.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The bug and the windshield

Sometimes you are the bug, and sometimes you are the windshield. Sometimes you look out the windshield, and sometimes you look at a computer screen. You need the windshield time to have the screen time, and you need the screen time to make the paper, except its not paper, its screen time on someone elses screen. Its all digital except for the check in the end. -

Monday, September 15, 2008


WOW. That was a ridiculously good Monday Night Football game. Holy moly, they were playing some big time football right on my T.V in my living room!
Philly is one and one, but I doubt there is a better team in the NFL then they are, except maybe the COWBOYS. Holy cow. That was TWO really good football teams. Next week we are on To SanDiego which is probably the best Oh and TWO football team out there....
Love me some NFL. Oh yes, and Fantasy wise, Two and OH in the big league and one and one in the other league, and leading scorer in the league where I have the two victories. It's a long season but seriously, the most wonderful time of the year is the fall in America.
And DeShawn Jackson? I know you are sick good, but what is up with that stupidness you did in the first half, seriously why are you so anxious to dance? How about scoring the damn touchdown first, and then lay the football on the ground.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fantasy Football makes you feel bad about stuff

Anquan Boldin had THREE touchdowns today and the Dolphins only scored 10 points. I almost feel like it was my fault for pulling for the Boldin to do well except for the fact I had nothing to do with any of it.
Bottom line I am up big tonight with Monday Night football to go. I will probably win. I have Donovan to go and the guy I am going against has T.O. I have about a hundred point advantage so its pretty much all mute.
I could have ANQUAN do a little less but everytime he scored today I couldnt help but be happy even though it was against the fish... Whatever, Fantasy Football will do that to ya....


Because the NFL is the shit. Because the NFL is full of the best athletes in the world, bar none. dont give me that shit about the NBA or fucking Soccer. Please. They play the most outstanding game in the world and at 53 players per team times 32 teams that means 1696 football players and the best of the best is an old Tennessee Volunteer. OH MY GOODNESS the man was rusty the man was out for the entire pre-season, got his ass kicked in week one and week two he acted like he was Peyton Fucking Manning. Know why, because he is Peyton Manning GOODNESS, Seriously that is an 8 and 8 team without him and a badass superbowl contender with him. I love the NFL and I love all of it, sure, I am going to root for a Dolphins win this next game but seriously I am also going to be rooting for the Pahokee graduate ANQUAN BOLDIN to catch some footballs because I have money on him doing so... and YES I want the dolphins to win but fuck Ricky Williams today.. just for today.... I dont have him on my Fantasy team and the guy I am playing does. Go DOLPHINS just not with Ricky Williams. Today only. and go ANQUAN just catch a lot of balls and some touchdowns and lets have the dolphins win. GOOD GOD ILOVEMESOMENFLFOOTBALL.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bizzaro world is beautiful

The most beautiful people in America live right here in Miami, according to Yahoo.
Last night I saw the reason why. I think its just a few women that skew the whole thing up, but they were all out last night and hanging on Lincoln Road in South Beach.
Plus I saw a dude wearing a pink jump suit, complete with a skintight pink hoodie, with tiny little fairy wings on his back, doing tricks while riding a Unicycle. So the beautiful women were sitting in the little outdoor cafe, and the pink fairy dude with the unicycle was riding around on the sidewalk. Bizarre. Cool, but bizarre

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9-11

Seven years ago today I was in my cubicle working. They announced what happened in New York City, and then when the second one hit, they sent us all home. I was sick as a dog, went home, layed on my couch and just watched the coverage of it all day. My Ex Wife hadn't yet bought the business that became more important to her then us, but she was out with the prior owner investigating the thing. -- Its like when Kennedy was shot, everyone knows where they were when it happened.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today my mom would have been 62 years old. This is the anniversary of her birthday but the first one since she died last November. Happy Birthday Mom. Miss ya.
Love Bill

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tailgate at the Gator Game

At The tailgate for the U of F, Miami Game last weekend.
Look at how we let Canes Fans hang with us. That Grille that hooks up on
the bumper is like My ladder, Damn straight a complement getter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello blog world. Miss ya.
I am a little bit busy -- I am not quitting the blogging business, I just don't have the energy right now nor are the words flowing --
I can say this though, This Saturday I am NOT working during the Gator Game and the ass kicking that they are going to put on UM is something I am looking forward to greatly....