Monday, September 22, 2008

underdog wins some yesterday

Man, The Dolphins fans are going nuts down here. They won one game and yes it was a beautiful thing filled with excellent line play and a dash of Ronnie Brown for flavor, but I think that Patriots Team is worse off then just losing Brady.
The Radio today was off the charts. Joey Porter called it before hand, and amazingly a large group of people on the radio said they saw it coming, however they are full of shit. Even Joey Porter is probably surprised, No wait, he was full of shit also, but he backed it up. 3 sacks and a nice defensive game for the Fish.
I enjoyed it very much and then went out and played a little Softball. My team finally won a game. Its not that we played well, we didnt, the other team just played worse. We each only had nine players and they chose to basically play four outfielders and only one guy on the lft side of the infield. Then they put a girl at second who was kind of challenged, so basically they had their third baseman playing the whole side over there, and then the second base side was a hole as well. Still we only beat them 13 to 12. Then The next game after that, a team needed a player so I joined em and we won that game also. Just a nice Sunday. I chose not to work and it paid off with a fish win and a Last Kids Picked win. All in the same day.


Nashville Tiger Fan said...

The whole world loves it when the underdog lays an ass whippin on the big guy (except fans of the big guy). Go Dolphins!!

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF -- that is ABSOLUTELY true, although I am sure Jets Fans feel conflicted about this particular underdog winning ...

Quin Browne said...

good on the softball game... and, the bronco's won again.

thank goodness.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Quin-- Yes very good on the softball victory and Jay Cutler is the bomb... I love that guy and I love what he is doint to the league, the league I love so much.