Sunday, September 14, 2008


Because the NFL is the shit. Because the NFL is full of the best athletes in the world, bar none. dont give me that shit about the NBA or fucking Soccer. Please. They play the most outstanding game in the world and at 53 players per team times 32 teams that means 1696 football players and the best of the best is an old Tennessee Volunteer. OH MY GOODNESS the man was rusty the man was out for the entire pre-season, got his ass kicked in week one and week two he acted like he was Peyton Fucking Manning. Know why, because he is Peyton Manning GOODNESS, Seriously that is an 8 and 8 team without him and a badass superbowl contender with him. I love the NFL and I love all of it, sure, I am going to root for a Dolphins win this next game but seriously I am also going to be rooting for the Pahokee graduate ANQUAN BOLDIN to catch some footballs because I have money on him doing so... and YES I want the dolphins to win but fuck Ricky Williams today.. just for today.... I dont have him on my Fantasy team and the guy I am playing does. Go DOLPHINS just not with Ricky Williams. Today only. and go ANQUAN just catch a lot of balls and some touchdowns and lets have the dolphins win. GOOD GOD ILOVEMESOMENFLFOOTBALL.

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