Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Titans

The Tennessee Titans fascinate me. They are a good ass football team. They also have some quirks that amuse me. First of all, as I said before, they are good. They win, and you know how they win? They win by playing excellent Defense and they win because before you play them you know they are going to beat you by the score of 13 to 7 or 16 to 10. That is how they beat you. They can be up 42 to 6 and the final score will be either 13 to 7 or 16 to 10, one or the other. Thats how they are.
They have a badass stadium and a bad ass coach. they like to boo there pro-bowl quarterback to the extent that now he is tired of winning 13 to 10 or whatever. They pay the guy millions so that they can watch kerry collins play QB, thats just how that franchise rolls.
They run the back up the middle and then , whether it works or not, they run it again. then they either get the first down or they dont, and if they dont, they boooooo the hell out of the QB, and then they play Defense. That is what they do and who they are.
They are hardnose and dont really believe in the forward pass. they will have stats that indicate they threw for 67 yards for an entire game.
If Vince Young was still their quarterback, it would be like he was a catcher in Baseball and someone tried to steal on them, him, you know, whatever? It is 120 feet from the plate to second base, and if Vince is their Catcher, you know he would two hop it on his attempt to throw a runner out from that distance . Either that or he is going to throw it into Centerfield. Thats how they are and also who they are.


Nashville Tiger/Titan Fan said...

First, only a handful of drunken idiots booed that whinning weenie (I was there) and second he quit on his team. YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT!!

Finall, we enjoy the predictability of our 16 - 7 wins, that's just how we roll!! Go Titans

Bill From Gainesville said...

I am not sure if he quit and then they booed him or if the booing is what had him quitting. Its just weird, He is truly a kundrum. He is excellent as a QB and he also sucks at the same time. its a weird thing with that guy. and today I am sure that the TITANS won and even though they scored 31 points today I think the final score was 16 to 7