Friday, February 29, 2008

An Update Blog- plus discussion on my morning shower.

- Today feels a little off, Its February 29th, and quite frankly I think it may be only the 9th or 10th, February 29th that I have had in my 42 years. -- they come every 4 years but I think we skipped the one we were supposed to have in the year 2000. Its like I am Ten years old all over. I just dont have much practice with February 29th and as unique and special as it is, I would think it would have more going for it then it does.
Hallmark was going to make a card for this special day, but then they realized they would only be able to sell it every four years or so...Instead, they just kept focusing on Valentines day and St. Patricks day...but those people are always looking for a new holiday. If it was up to them EVERY day would be some kind of a holiday all the better for selling the cards.
-Finished up season 1 of Dexter.... I am moving Season 2 up to the top of my list...again, just telling you guys, this show is very good...
Angelina Jolie still doesnt ever call me ....
Zach Thomas was signed by Dallas..... So the man will have a chance to keep after that Lombardi Trophy, I will be pulling for him, in real life, and also any other Cowboys that I end up getting on my fantasy team in the fantasy football world...
Marissa Miller, Kendra Rice and that Pink suited girl (who is some kind of an actress on some kind of show, but I dont ever watch it and cant remember her name) They dont ever call me either...Thats ok , because I dont call them either....
No news on creating invisible men, or even see through men... Frogs are still the primary target for see-through-ness.....
Our crack news reporting team did not stay till the end of the volleyball tournament, and forgot to see if there was a follow up story in the Monday paper so we cannot tell you which modeling agency won the Nikki Beach Volleyball tournament.... Next time I am at that bar I will see if I can find the manager or something to see... please dont hold your breath though
Short discussion on my morning shower:
I came up to Gainesville for this weekend and last night, played softball with my Gainesville Team, and spent the night with a friend. ( I will get a hotel later on today and see my offspring for the weekend) This morning I took a shower, and when drying off, the water just jumped off my body. ---My friend is like Mark Cuban Jr. He had these HUGE fluffy ass, ATTACK towels -- it made being Naked and Wet all the much more enjoyable for the drying off... My hats off to you Mr. Cuban Jr. -- also thanks to your wife for the Breakfast, OUTSTANDING........

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shark Smells blood, Attorney looks to profit.

There are people out there who worship sharks. Rob Stewart made an outstanding documentary called "Sharkwater." I saw it a few months ago, and truly appreciated the beauty, of the beasts. I have scuba dived in the ocean off Key Largo decades ago, and was instructed by the PADI instructor that they are benevolent creatures, and wont hurt you. I took it all in, with trepidation, but went down for the dive and did not happen to come accross any. (to my relief) I pulled some websights recently and the authors also have this surreal feeling for sharks. The movie Rob Stewart made, tries to characterize them as being misunderstood. All of that is fine, and there is probably some truth to it. Statistically, I am aware that there is an insignificant amount of shark attacks throughout the world on a yearly basis. We are more prone to getting hit by lightning then getting attacked by a shark. I get that, and I get the thrill some people get from diving with them.


Markus Groh, from Austria, recently went on a diving excursion in which the boat he was diving from, poured bloody chum in the water to entice Sharks. Mr. Groh understood this was going to happen and signed a waiver (presumably). He was attacked by one of the sharks that showed up for the chumfest, and later died. Very tragic. That shark was doing what sharks will do, but so is a local attorney here in Miami. A Mr. Neblett of Miami Maritime law has advised he would "sue the operator, and sue the people involved." Much like the stupid shark that showed up for a chum fest, the attorney is also just doing what attorneys do. Its like they cant help it. The Shark has no money and doesnt really do land, so going to court with a Shark is not going to work. Mr. Groh has died, and remember, ultimately he chose to do this. It was his decision to go diving in chum and shark infested waters. He certainly didn't know a shark would attack him, but he had to realize the risk. Not everyone that gets in a car being driven by a drunk, ends up dead, but its still a possible outcome. Not every smoker ends up dying from Lung Cancer, but its still a foreseeable possibility. Here is a fact for Mr. Neblett to begin Building his case against the operator, the crew, and probably the boat manufacturer............ wait for it.... Hold on Mr. Neblett..... Sharks,..... They live in the ocean. They are carnivores. Attorneys however, see blood in the water and they want to turn it into contingency fees. Its tragic, what happened, but its only going to get ugly when the lawsuits start flying. You can understand the sharks perspective. He saw lunch, plus it was like he was all coked up due to the chum in the water and was probably in a frenzy. (Chum is like porn to sharks, it gets them excited) What about Mr. Neblett? He probably missed out on the tobacco suits, so he is finding another way to destroy personal accountability in America, although a very obscure way, it will get headlines though, I am sure. I feel sorry for the operator of the charter. Jim Abernathy. He was just trying to run a business where you put chum in the water and attract sharks and then go swimming with them? And now, He will be spending all kinds of money on Other lawyers to protect him from the attorneys who smell the blood in the water now....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mailing it in...

Yeah, I am just mailing it in, but I am new to blogging and I still worry about saying to much or not being interesting, or worse, trying to be interesting and sucking at it. So I will try here and there, like a great running back that gets stuck at the line for 7 consecutive carries gaining a yard here or a yard there, but then BAM!... He hits the hole just right, and he throws the perfect juke on the outside linebacker and then he stiff arms the safety and outruns the backside pursuit.... thats me, kind of a mudder that still believes he can occasionally break one. Not today though. Today its just silly little running back metaphors and easy photos of beautiful internet models.

Monday, February 25, 2008

8 episodes in on DEXTER

In between watching Models play volley ball on the beach and hanging out at Bayside, feeling like I am some kind of European dude that needs the establishment to put the tip in the bill for me, and then having weird feelings about leaving the table all naked, I watched 8 Episodes of Dexter.
Net Flix was so kind as to send me two CD's and I watched them Friday and Saturday Night. (I know, such a damn Party animal I am watching reruns of year old television by myself on a Friday and Saturday night..... ) Well on Friday, I first went out to happy hour and THEN I came home and watched year old T.V. so thats just how I roll-- after 8 episodes though, I am hooked, I just mailed the two cd's back this morning, and NetFlix will hook me up with the last 8 or so episodes from Year one.
This picture is of Dexters Sister. I am telling you, 1) NetFlix is the BOMB 2) Dexter is a Great Show and you should rent this thing from your netflix account.... and if you dont have net flix, you should get it. So there more advice from a guy who spends his formative years watching Television.... Then Year TWO baby and I will be all caught up and will just have to wait for year 3 to finish, and then have the DVD issued.... maybe before Year 3 starts on DVD I will have a life and you know, only maybe watch a more normal one or two episodes over a weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Models on South Beach

As I drove up Second Avenue after a day at --South beach, I took a photograph of my building.

-As I woke up in the morning I had no real plans, other then to read a couple of papers, have some coffee, and eat some breakfast. - I went over to Bayside for the brunch they have at Trade Winds. Its all fine and Dandy until the waitress brought me the check. They added the tip into the bill... it was 15 percent. I was pissed, I would have probably left them 20 to 25 percent as is my tipping habit, but as they chose to charge me on the ticket for it, I just paid the bill, it ended up being about 15, dollars, and I gave a twenty. The lady had the nerve to bring me back five ones, which in this particular circumstance implied I should tip more... which, again, I would have, except YOU and YOUR restraunt chose to treat me like a kid.... (so no soup for you " other then the SOUP you already TOOK from me) So then I go home, and read a bunch of papers: The New York Times, the New Times, and The Miami Herald. and somewhere in the Herald, is a story about Models playing a volleyball tournament at this place called "Nikki Beach" for a trip to go to St Barts or something. You may not be able to read the brackets but its a bunch of different modeling crews in some kind of modified 8 seed draw.... The winner to get a free trip to ST Barts because by golly, just like the paper said, even the BEAUTIFUL people need a vacation once in awhile. My god, the amount of situps that must go on with this group. and Yes, that is a very cute "model" Butt, actually, both of them, well really, the picture doesnt do them justice, but they were very Cute, and I guess since they are , you know, Models, they are going to have some of that going for them.... What I needed was a BIG HUGE camera, and some people to boss around, plus a background tarp etc. and I would not have felt so conscious about taking these Models Photographs. But I digress, because I still took them... Here is one now... Ok, that is SOOOOO not fair, she clearly is NOT a model unless she is a tent model, and I dont really think so, But alas, I have no interest in ridiculing her, so I did not get her front side, and really I just feel sorry for the woman that her ASS is the size of a VW... This is so close to becoming a CYBER Bully, but I digress....I have no interest in that, I even took the photos on the sly.... but DAMN that is a HUGE derrier... You would think one that big wouldnt actually be walking around, but those people from WISCONSIN.... .. Here are a couple of them sitting on the ground waiting there turn to play some Volleyball... She was a really skillful Volleyball player, so being a sports journalist that I am, I took a picture of her... its all about Photography skills and an appreciation for skill within others, and I can tell you this un-equivocably. This young lady has SKILZ..... as did these Green shirt wearing Models, They also had Skilz. Its, like the paper said, even the beautiful people need vacations, and if that means they had to fly down from New York to compete for a trip to Caicos. or wherever, then, by golley thats the kind of work ethic they have. Sure they seemed to smoke cigarettes an Awful lot, and their bodies were truly SICK, which I mean in both the good way, that they were absolutely beautiful, but also in the bad way, that I assume many of them like throwing up after having a meal..... They talked about doing shoots in the Caymans, and going back to Russia and ESTONIA, and what have you, and they talked about 15 or 16 year old models coming in and staying out for all hours of the night. It was a regular MODEL convention and I enjoyed being a voyeur on some of it..... They did a nice job of competing. there was the occassional goof ball that had no coordination but surprisingly only a little of that, many of them were remarkably skilled athletes on top of having abdominal muscles on top of there abdominal muscles... I do flat out love this CITY.....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Coaching and the kids...

As a Sports Fan and a Father, sometimes snippets of sports get intertwined with raising Kids. My kids are 11 and 7 years old, so pushing buttons is still high on their list of things to do. When we go in a building that has elevators they both want to push the buttons. We use a Posession arrow to resolve this conflict, like in College basketball on tied up balls. Posession of this button pushing goes to My boy this time, thus, the next time there is a button to push, it goes to my girl, etc. etc. (lots of people just call it taking turns but I like calling it the posession arrow. )
I use the bench when they misbehave, like when a guard in football holds, and gets penalized, the coach often has him sit on the bench. lots of people call that time out..
While walking, my kids will often refuse to step on cracks I call this being a pitcher, crazy dudes with their superstitions....
The guidance about right and wrong, thats coaching. Getting Straight "A's" thats hitting a home run. There are more I just cant think of them all right now.... Help....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Joy of the CUBANS

I saw joy today. The Cubans are going NUTS down here, in a reserved kind of way. On the one hand they have been dreaming of Fidel not being in Power, but I think in their dreams it was always due to an overthrow of his communist regime. Thats how they envisioned it. In their dreams, democracy comes back to Cuba and life is all good. So yeah, they are happy about Fidel being out, but the new guy, his name is Castro also.
The Cuban Government is going with a youth movement. Instead of that 81 year old Grey bearded dude, they are going with the spry 76 year old Raul.
The Cubans are like the redneck hunters in one particular way. Those hunter dudes get SOOO excited right before the season. You ask them about it, and you can see in their eyes how excited they are about the pending deer season or whatever, then get them started on a hunting story which, by the way is mostly just, I was in the woods and a deer walked by and then I shot him .... blah blah blah, .....but they are saying it with a twinkle in their eye and their whole aura glows... Its like the Cubans with the resignation of Fidel... I was in The Middle of Hialeah at an older cuban ladie's house today and she had the spanish speaking news on. The newscasters were going OFF, on the T.V. talking about it, and the lady was just beaming .. I thought she was going to take her shotgun out, rub elk pee all over herself and shoot a deer or something... same kind of glow in her eyes... I love this city.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents day

As far as Holidays go, Presidents day kind of mails it in. Sure government employees get it off, and Bank employees, and I think students do also. But even Hallmark has not been able to sell it as a holiday. Presidents day is sort of like Labor Day, in that its good if you get it off, but labor day kicks Presidents day's ass.
Labor day has more of the general population that gets it off, and plus it has the fine sense to associate itself with cookouts and stuff. Not that Labor Day is all that, Hallmark doesnt know what to do with this one either. I think those people over at HallMark are mailing it in also..why is everyone mailing it in and really what does it mean to "mail it in" ?
I will tell you about a fine holiday, INDEPENDENCE DAY. Thats a damn fine holiday right there. General workers like myself can get this one off, Plus you get cookouts, Fireworks and generally, its a lake and beach kind of holiday, and we all know what that means: Beautiful women in Bikinis.... which, I just happen to have a picture of Julie Henderson right here, so think of this kind of like a public service. (She would SO want me if she only knew me)
So, yes, I can take president's day and its silly little "white" sales or I can leave it. Its really kind of a sidekick holiday Its like the green Lantern of holidays. A super hero, sure, but as far as superhero's go you think of so many others before you get down to the green Lantern. Theres Superman, thats kind of like Christmas, and there is Batman, which is like Thanksgiving, Captain America is independence day, all the way down to the green lantern for presidents day, and dont get me started on "flag" day... Thats probably like Robin or something.

Anyway I had to work on Presidents day, Plus I didnt get any mail because of it, then it rained while I was downtown so now I think I am going to Finnegans on the river to have a few cocktails in honor of this fine holiday... and when I say "fine" holiday I am not being sarcastic, Just cause HallMark cant exploit it, and only bank employees and government workers get it off its still got more going for it then most "Mondays" so allthough I mock this holiday I still have a bit of respect for it, plus I can certainly appreciate my man George Washington and his leadership, and of course Teddy.

---------Finnegans on the River

Good T.V.

Here is a sentence I would have never thought I would type. " I Like a serial Killer." At least he is a fictional serial killer. Because of the Writers strike, CBS apparently took a show from Showtime, Cleaned it up just a little, and aired it on regular T.V. Just an outstanding premise. A serial Killer that only kills killers? It airs at 10 pm on Sundays. It is just a flat out well written show. I strongly recommend watching it. In fact, I think I am going to see if I can rent the first two seasons (the ShowTime versions) It is in its Third season over there , and the Pilot on CBS from last night worked so well for me that I have to see if I can get caught up on it..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye Zach Thomas

Yesterday, on Valentines day no less, Miami Dolphin Management basically Fired ZACH THOMAS..its the end of an era. Zach will still probably play football next year, and for him it might not even be such a bad thing. My Man will probably go to a contender and compete for a championship. Good for him... its just so freaking sad that he wont be a Dolphin anymore. He is nothing like us, but he is also at the same time very similar. He is listed at 5'11" but he is probably actually 5'9" shorter then me. His game is about wanting it.... Thats a cliche, but the man was always in position. I once saw him thump Jerome Bettis and Bettis was a serious load. Zach makes you think you could have been like him, of course you know deep down you couldnt, The man is just flat out a FOOTBALL PLAYER and he is in no way soft. He works out and he studies and he did his job well and I loved watching him... anyways Robert Kraft will probably give him a job and he can replace SEAU or someone up there in NEW ENGLAND.... Its just the way life is, over time things change and people move on and you make the best of it.... I know that I certainly enjoyed watching Channing Crowder....

a partial list from recent posts

A partial list from recent posts, of stuff I love:
* See through frogs, actually, the thought that man can engineer "see through frogs.."
* Pink bathing suits and beautiful women wearing them...
* SI's Swimsuit issue
* Angelina Jolie
* Really good dinner

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Its Valentines Day ... WHOOPEE!

So many Valentines days have come and gone, but this is the first one in at least 15 years in which I dont have a date... My Wife and I would almost always go and drop at least a 100 dollars on dinner at one of the finest restraunts in Gainesville. Now I am not in Gainesville, and I am not really with my wife, Our lawyers are working on making our seperation official.
Its a holiday that I always enjoyed because of the outstanding eating that went along with it. -- no flowers this time though, and the dinner tonight is microwavable. So instead of spending money on the flowers I will just download a picture of some Poppys in a field. So here are the poppys in a field, and here is a little history of valentines day I found from the for you. Evidently, there was this priest, his name was Valentine, Mr. Valentine to you. He lived around the time this emperor of Rome named Claudius decided that single men made MUCH better Soldiers than those with wives, so being a king and all, he decreed men of military age were not allowed to marry.


Valentine was defiant though, and he continued to preside over the nuptials of military aged men .. It would be like if the guys who Gassed the jews during world war II because Hitler told them to do so, just said NO, this is NOT right...Valentine knew what the king decreed was wrong. It ended up bad for old Valentine though, he ended up going to prison, until they had time to kill him for disobeying the king.


While in Prison, he fell in love with the jailers daughter who would visit him, and before they executed him, he sent a love letter and signed it "from your valentine" So there you have it: as summary, 1) a dude defied a king, 2) I am eating Microwaveable food tonight 3) I used to eat really well on this day. and also 4) Nobody knows this for sure, but I think the jailers daughter was Angelina Jolie in a previous lifetime. Damn that woman is hot....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Transparent frogs inspire me

A see through frog? Thats right, this is a frog that has glass like skin. Some Japanese Scientists bred a frog that had see through skin so they could look at his guts without having to kill it! First of all a couple of things about that: 1) Its kind of cool that they could do that. Some Japanese dude woke up one day and said you know what would be kind of neat? a "See through frog" and then he went about the business of creating one. 2) If I would have had a "see through Frog" in my college biology class, maybe I could have done better then the "D" I received.... I really hated the lab stuff, and if you could just look at the internal organs and frog guts without cutting him open, maybe I could have done better? I am glad I live in a world where making Frogs transparent is something we are capable of doing. Now if you could make a person transparent, and then make his innards transparent as well you would have an "invisible" man ..... that invisible man could choose a transparent frog as a pet ....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I love many things, and one of them is the swimsuit edition of SI. I was an SI subscriber for years and ALWAYS enjoyed this issue..... This is just one thing I love ... there are so many other things, but for now lets not get into all that and just enjoy Marisa, this years covergirl..... She probably wants me .....

Anxiety .

The anxiety level is code red right now. My Lawyer is busy earning her money in the divorce proceedings, My wife is in her TAKE TAKE TAKE mode, My job is not very fruitful at this point and my motivation is really low....I am clearly sitting on my couch, watching way to much T.V. --- I am working on my bat speed for the fastballs that are the single women around here ... I hope I can still hit...I am working on my attitude, trying to stay with it... sucking it up as they say.... Tomorrow will dawn and I will take my cuts again....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

stuff you think you need

I sometimes think I need a beautiful woman in a pink bathing suit. I dont really NEED it, I mean I have gone my whole life without knowing this particular beautiful woman in a pink bathing suit and I am fine.... I am ok ...She really does have a nice bathing suit though....

Eli Manning

- David Letterman asked Eli Manning what he thought about Bill Bellichek leaving the field a little early, Eli said: " Maybe he was trying to beat traffic" Thats funny....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Just some observations: 1) Did they really read the whole declaration of independence right before the game started? and 2) were those Chills I felt when Pat Tillman's wife did her part. 3) was that the greatest Superbowl of all time? and 4) Yes, Yes it was....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Downtown Miami

So here is a picture of my home. Technically it could be a picture of the Universe, or the Solar system or the World. You can also break it down to this level, or down to the building, or the apartment. Its a matter of perspective.