Friday, February 22, 2008

Coaching and the kids...

As a Sports Fan and a Father, sometimes snippets of sports get intertwined with raising Kids. My kids are 11 and 7 years old, so pushing buttons is still high on their list of things to do. When we go in a building that has elevators they both want to push the buttons. We use a Posession arrow to resolve this conflict, like in College basketball on tied up balls. Posession of this button pushing goes to My boy this time, thus, the next time there is a button to push, it goes to my girl, etc. etc. (lots of people just call it taking turns but I like calling it the posession arrow. )
I use the bench when they misbehave, like when a guard in football holds, and gets penalized, the coach often has him sit on the bench. lots of people call that time out..
While walking, my kids will often refuse to step on cracks I call this being a pitcher, crazy dudes with their superstitions....
The guidance about right and wrong, thats coaching. Getting Straight "A's" thats hitting a home run. There are more I just cant think of them all right now.... Help....

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