Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye Zach Thomas

Yesterday, on Valentines day no less, Miami Dolphin Management basically Fired ZACH THOMAS..its the end of an era. Zach will still probably play football next year, and for him it might not even be such a bad thing. My Man will probably go to a contender and compete for a championship. Good for him... its just so freaking sad that he wont be a Dolphin anymore. He is nothing like us, but he is also at the same time very similar. He is listed at 5'11" but he is probably actually 5'9" shorter then me. His game is about wanting it.... Thats a cliche, but the man was always in position. I once saw him thump Jerome Bettis and Bettis was a serious load. Zach makes you think you could have been like him, of course you know deep down you couldnt, The man is just flat out a FOOTBALL PLAYER and he is in no way soft. He works out and he studies and he did his job well and I loved watching him... anyways Robert Kraft will probably give him a job and he can replace SEAU or someone up there in NEW ENGLAND.... Its just the way life is, over time things change and people move on and you make the best of it.... I know that I certainly enjoyed watching Channing Crowder....

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