Thursday, February 14, 2008

Its Valentines Day ... WHOOPEE!

So many Valentines days have come and gone, but this is the first one in at least 15 years in which I dont have a date... My Wife and I would almost always go and drop at least a 100 dollars on dinner at one of the finest restraunts in Gainesville. Now I am not in Gainesville, and I am not really with my wife, Our lawyers are working on making our seperation official.
Its a holiday that I always enjoyed because of the outstanding eating that went along with it. -- no flowers this time though, and the dinner tonight is microwavable. So instead of spending money on the flowers I will just download a picture of some Poppys in a field. So here are the poppys in a field, and here is a little history of valentines day I found from the for you. Evidently, there was this priest, his name was Valentine, Mr. Valentine to you. He lived around the time this emperor of Rome named Claudius decided that single men made MUCH better Soldiers than those with wives, so being a king and all, he decreed men of military age were not allowed to marry.


Valentine was defiant though, and he continued to preside over the nuptials of military aged men .. It would be like if the guys who Gassed the jews during world war II because Hitler told them to do so, just said NO, this is NOT right...Valentine knew what the king decreed was wrong. It ended up bad for old Valentine though, he ended up going to prison, until they had time to kill him for disobeying the king.


While in Prison, he fell in love with the jailers daughter who would visit him, and before they executed him, he sent a love letter and signed it "from your valentine" So there you have it: as summary, 1) a dude defied a king, 2) I am eating Microwaveable food tonight 3) I used to eat really well on this day. and also 4) Nobody knows this for sure, but I think the jailers daughter was Angelina Jolie in a previous lifetime. Damn that woman is hot....

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