Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Transparent frogs inspire me

A see through frog? Thats right, this is a frog that has glass like skin. Some Japanese Scientists bred a frog that had see through skin so they could look at his guts without having to kill it! First of all a couple of things about that: 1) Its kind of cool that they could do that. Some Japanese dude woke up one day and said you know what would be kind of neat? a "See through frog" and then he went about the business of creating one. 2) If I would have had a "see through Frog" in my college biology class, maybe I could have done better then the "D" I received.... I really hated the lab stuff, and if you could just look at the internal organs and frog guts without cutting him open, maybe I could have done better? I am glad I live in a world where making Frogs transparent is something we are capable of doing. Now if you could make a person transparent, and then make his innards transparent as well you would have an "invisible" man ..... that invisible man could choose a transparent frog as a pet ....

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