Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Awesome Jobs to have, NOT

Couple of things about work. Not my work, but other peoples work.
First off, I read a story today about a veterinarian that actually put her hand down a Live Shark's throat. That is some serious type veterinarian shit to do.
Basically this little Nurse shark that was about 3 to 4 feet large had eaten some fish and evidently the fish spine rubbed up against its gullet and created a cut in its throat that made it painful for this nurse shark to eat, so it just quit eating. This alarmed the people that owned this shark (it was some kind of aquarium) so they called in this vet to take a look.
They put this shark in a little bathtub like enclosure and then mixed in some anesthesia and the shark kind of went to sleep. Sort of. from reading the article it was more like it got him/her groggy. Then a Vet helper got in the pool with this thing and kind of held him still and then the vet got in and they opened up its mouth and put a piece of PVC pipe in its gullett, then the vet put her hand through the PVC pipe into the mouth and stomach of this thing to check out the internal abrasion. Seriously, that PVC pipe could have slipped or whatever and those razor like teeth could have took her arm off. In my opinion, this is one 3 or 4 foot shark, and Darwin might be working and all. Sharks eat fish all the time and if you are a shark and get hurt by eating a fish to the extent that you no longer want to eat? maybe you should be dead. Just wow.
THEN some dudes at Fidelity Investment got fired because they had a fantasy football league. The company has a policy that you are not to use company time to gamble. Evidently the commissioner of this league did not use company time to do this, but someone in his league sent him a message to the extent that Trent Edwards SUCKS. Which from a fantasy football perspective that is all true. They found out the league had a $20 buy in and because of this they fired the dude? Seriously that is so fricking harsh, and the fact that Trent Edwards Sucks is part of why this guy got fired?
I love my job. I have yet to be required to put my hand down a sharks gullet, nor have I gotten fired because Fantasy Football is one of my things. Also I would have never drafted Trent Edwards either.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Softball Champions

This is the team that won the Wednesday Night Men's Rec League Softball championship for the City of Clearwater Florida.

Ballers, each and every one of em. To the extent that you can get fired up about winning a softball championship, we were, and are.
Those glasses that we are holding are the equivalent of the stanley cup. They are like Chizzeled glasses of awesomeness that also include a night out at a bar in which the bartenders will fill them up for free from 6 to 9 p.m, on January 16th. Just more Swag for the victors. We are like Conquering Vikings. Like Softball GODS!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Night of softball excellence!

Thursday night was a great night of epic proportions. Time was turned back for the billster, A glimpse of what I used to be, came out for me when I was at the plate and that was just my part, everyone else also played better then I have ever seen them play and justice was done.
Championship!, Swag for winning the championship came our way. It was just a night of cosmic alignment. Two games needed to be won against teams we had failed to beat in three tries previously. The semi final had a team that was undefeated all season, having beaten us twice. The championship game was against a team that also beat us in the prior game that we had played them, however, Tonight was the night for "Werther's Originals" and the balls fell in our gloves as we were on defense, and generally hit outfield grass when we were hitting. Just a beautiful night.
Hopefully, Pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twilight the movie.

This is going around the internet -

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tough day at work

Board of directors meeting today, then some golf (my foursome won with a pathetic 1 over par in a scramble) We had 3 bogeys, 2 birdies and the rest par. - Dinner at a Nice Steakhouse and then home. Its a tough life, but someone has to do it. - Tomorrow is the Other board meeting for the other company, but no golf. Tomorrow I will have to play catch up for the fun of playing today. life is all about tradeoffs.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods Jokes I have heard in the past few days

Tiger Woods hit a tree AND a fire hydrant. Must not have been able to choose between a wood or an Iron.
The police asked Elin how many times she hit him? She told them I can't quite remember, just put me down for a 5.
What the hell were they doing out at 2:30 in the morning? just "clubbing"
what do baby seals and Tiger have in common? they both end up getting "clubbed" by Norwegians.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

While doing Thanksgiving at my ex-wife's house, my son wanted me to take a picture of him posing with a football in front of the football game that was on T.V. So then he posed, and I took the picture. (that was my T.V. in the background, which is just another thing I lost in that whole getting divorced dealio. )

I realized I had a "parenting moment" as soon as I snapped the picture so I asked him to pose again for me.
Before I took this second picture, I went full on "parent mode" and coached him up on the proper way to hold the rock. As you may notice in the first picture he was not holding the point of the ball, in addition to letting the ass end of the thing stick out behind his arm and just generally did not have it tucked correctly. In this second photo we have addressed those issues and had ourselves a little teaching moment.
After thanksgiving, I took my kids back down to Tampa via Melbourne to see my Grandma and Dad, (their grandfather and Great Grandmother) and after seeing some movies on Friday Night and watching the UofF Ass kicking of FSU on Saturday, we went to Busch Gardens on Sunday, even though it meant we would be unable to watch NFL football. When I am not watching NFL football on a Sunday, it is usually because it is the Spring or Summer and they just aren't playing. This was a Sunday when they WERE playing, but I was riding rollercoasters, eating popcorn, and making my kids stand in front of a mess load of flowers while I took their picture.
Big ass Busch Garden Gators.
The Cracker Barrel at MM 279 off I-75 which is the place of exchange.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finishing the Marathon of 2009

The marathon that is the year is at the 25 mile mark. we have about a mile to go in the form of December, and unfortunately December seems to be on a bit of an incline. Finishing this bad boy out while running up hill seems to be a bit sadistic. Lets move Christmas to July or something. Its just hard dealing with it on top of everything else.
Maybe I am just sad about Bobby Bowden getting forced out up at FSU, although at least they are going to give the reins over to Jimbo Fisher and he certainly has not shown much in the last two years while he has actually been the head coach, at least in principle, in everything but the title.
Maybe its a bit of a downer that Carlos Dunlap, the Gators potential 1rst round draft choice type of player at Defensive End, got in some trouble earlier this morning and now is suspended indefinitely, but MOST definitely will be out for the SEC championship game. Thats a bummer.
And why does my job have all this stuff getting crammed in during this month as well? It seems like in addition to the main part of my job that I always have to do, right now I have to also deal with the pony show. Lots of meetings are getting mixed in. The type of meetings where you have to be on? Not the type of meetings where you can just be there and listen or something.
There are other pressures as well that I wont get into. Anyways, I am just going to keep on running and once January is here This Marathon will be over. We will of course start another one though. Maybe in 2010 I will do a little bit more travelling then I was able to get in this year and the bifurcated life will get easier.