Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

While doing Thanksgiving at my ex-wife's house, my son wanted me to take a picture of him posing with a football in front of the football game that was on T.V. So then he posed, and I took the picture. (that was my T.V. in the background, which is just another thing I lost in that whole getting divorced dealio. )

I realized I had a "parenting moment" as soon as I snapped the picture so I asked him to pose again for me.
Before I took this second picture, I went full on "parent mode" and coached him up on the proper way to hold the rock. As you may notice in the first picture he was not holding the point of the ball, in addition to letting the ass end of the thing stick out behind his arm and just generally did not have it tucked correctly. In this second photo we have addressed those issues and had ourselves a little teaching moment.
After thanksgiving, I took my kids back down to Tampa via Melbourne to see my Grandma and Dad, (their grandfather and Great Grandmother) and after seeing some movies on Friday Night and watching the UofF Ass kicking of FSU on Saturday, we went to Busch Gardens on Sunday, even though it meant we would be unable to watch NFL football. When I am not watching NFL football on a Sunday, it is usually because it is the Spring or Summer and they just aren't playing. This was a Sunday when they WERE playing, but I was riding rollercoasters, eating popcorn, and making my kids stand in front of a mess load of flowers while I took their picture.
Big ass Busch Garden Gators.
The Cracker Barrel at MM 279 off I-75 which is the place of exchange.


your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

i love that you coached your son on the proper handling of the foootball.

its a shame you let the inappropriate handling of balls go on for so long. tsk, tsk, tsk bill...

Bill From Gainesville said...

Psycho --better late then never