Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little taste

Some zen stuff from Weeds season 5 episode 4

Nothing is exactly as it seems, nor is it otherwise. --- From the box that holds the zen baby erector swing set
You know I have a body guard. I dont need you to crush my foes in your arm pit. -- Nancy Botwin to Andy Botwin as Andy is working out

Monday, June 29, 2009

Six more weeks or so....

Football season you lovely goddess. I know you will be here soon. I have missed you, but not forgotten the curves of your saturday afternoons or the Long legs of your Sundays and your teasing ways of Monday Night.

Its like we are on Groundhog day when the ground hog goes back in his hole, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Except this is football-hog day and it is also going back in his hole, which means that in 6 more weeks, we will be in the middle of August. The middle of August is when it all starts. Colleges are doing their two a days, and the NFL is giving us the Pre-season.
I could probably hold my breath for six weeks, thats how soon it will be Football season. If Football season was on the other side of a pool and I had to swim underwater to get their we could probably reach the other side just in time to take a big breath.
I can hear Corso telling me "Not So Fast" I can feel hell cooling down as Nick Saban takes back over his fall job as Head Coach of the Crimson Tide. I can taste the burgers that will be grilled at the tailgate. I can already see the beautiful College girls walking around downtown Gainesville on Game day with their sun dresses on. I can sense the bullshit all those Cajun fucks will be running when we are in Baton Rouge. I can hear the Bucs fans bitching and moaning over the 5 and 11 season that will be upcoming. Its coming and it will be Soon. Very Soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Piles of trouble ....

The issues we all face are uniquely our own. Some people would say that if everyone put there troubles on a pile, and a mound of people troubles grew on that spot, and then you had to pick out a batch of troubles to reclaim, they would choose there own. ..... Not me, someone else can have my bullshit. I would like to have normal troubles in life instead of all the bullshit in my wheelhouse.
Having said that, I do realize that other people have worse shit, and with my luck, the group of people I would be hanging out with when we piled our crap up on the ground to form our mountain of troubles, would all be people way worse off then I already am. This gives me solace. So without detailing all the bullshit I deal with, this is a shout out to those people who have even more crap then me that they are going through. You guys give me hope.
So to you men that feel like you should have been born a woman, I salute you, that is not one of MY issues and I could see how that would suck.
To those of you with an addiction that you have no control over and you end up finding backwashed drippings of beer in beer bottles that have been thrown away and you drink that shit? thank you!
All you people with terminal diseases ... that is some real bullshit for you and .... well, ... just glad its not me, even though I can still be sorry for your plight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last weekend

Riding a Gondola this past weekend.

Lunch at the beach restaurant.

My daughter is obsessed with not allowing her little brother to make the peace sign over her head so she held his arms down to prevent that from happening.

She forgot this time. She told me to delete the picture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pocketless dress shirts

Had an Epiphany today about expectations. Generally I wear button down dress shirts and Slacks to work, or when I go out at night. Sometimes I mix in an occasional short sleeved pullover shirt with a collar on it, like in the style of an Izod, but usually its a long sleeved button down dress shirt.
Today was a long sleeved button down dress shirt day, except this particular shirt did not have a front pocket, so I had to put my pen on the button up part, and I was bummed that this shirt did not come with pockets. This was when the epiphany occurred. I could care less about not having a shirt pocket when I am wearing a polo or Nike pullover shirt but because this was the dress shirt, I felt cheated by the absence of the pocket and in this realization I found the pocket is not needed after all. Let go of your need for pockets on shirts and admire the simplicity of a dress shirt without pockets.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In our minds only, son

Went to the beach and the Amusement park this weekend. At the Beach, my son, daughter and I were playing in the waves and after a while I realized we had got washed down the thing. I told my kids we had to go and get back set up in front of our stuff again, and then after awhile, my son asked me: Dad Where IS OUR LUGGAGE?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a reality check

Scary shit. The Magic had the best team shooting percentage in the finals in HISTORY. Meaning, since they have been playing finals in the NBA, no team has had a better percentage of shooting ....FOREVER, and they only won in the last minute by 4 points on the board. Lets be realistic, those last two free throws is the difference in the Magic beating them by only 2. What does that tell you? Magic Defense SUCKED tonight...but hey its still a win and it is also the first win for the Magic in the NBA finals EVER. Only Cleveland is left as a team that has Never won a game in the finals...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A summary of the Game 3 win for the Magic

Okay -- once again, the two best pro basketball teams in the NBA have played 47 minutes in a 48 minute game and its 104 to 101 Magic. why dont they just start the game at the45 minute mark and deal with it from there? Okay , I know the answer is because sometimes shit like Game One can happen where it is not close in the final minutes, but you also know why they play the whole 48 minutes. Because we watch that shit when its the NBA finals and that is good for capitalism.
The stress is the good kind of anticipatory, hoping, type of stress that is actually good for you. Not the bad type of stress when you have more bills then money and the cupboard is bare.
Laker ball with one minute and six seconds left, Laker ball. ( lets reflect now) The Magic have never won a finals game in the history of the team and Howard just fouled Kobe, but it wasnt really a foul except it was called. Kobe Misses the first one and its still a three point game. The place is LOUD. Kobe makes the second one though and now its a two point game.
Now with 28 seconds in basketball time Pietrus steals the ball from Kobe. (Pietrus you are a super stud)
LA fouls and the Magic make the free throws and its 106 to 102 with 28.7 seconds left. LA ball, Bryant takes a shot from 3 point land but misses. LA gets the rebound, and now. they have it but only 16 seconds left. They take a shit load of shots because they keep getting rebounds but in the end the Magic win. WOOHOOOOOO

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weeds Season 5 episode one was AWESOME

Wow.. the Season 5 premier of Weeds was outstanding. Those are some really funny, creative writers and Mary Louise Parker is not only incredibly beautiful she is an excellent actress.

I wish I had the will power to not watch this series as it runs on Monday nights and just wait it out and watch the whole season on one weekend. I wont. I will just continue to make sure I am in front of my T.V. on Monday Nights at ten
What about that flash mob at the end of the episode. because its cool.

The study of cultures

I felt like an Archaeologist today. I was a guy who studies cultures. It was kind of an accident and I didn't dig up anything with a spoon and then carbon date it or anything like that. I was just in the mood to step outside and be in the world a little bit, I was hanging out with three information technology guys. Two of them I know, and we were just bullshitting when two more "IT" guys walked out and invited the "IT" guys that I was hanging out with to walk up to the dollar store. (the Dollar store is just a block from our office)
The "IT" guys I was bullshitting with declined, and the other two dudes went on their way. Turns out this is an everyday thing for those two guys and they come back with bags of crap almost every day. They pile crap up on their desks. They get candy and chips and toothpaste and toothbrushes and other little crappy things that they sell at the dollar store and are usually quite proud of themselves. Absolutely fascinating. Grown men making a trip a day to a store that all though has some values, it is basically just junky stuff that most people don't think about. and if you do go their to save some money on soap or hair brushes or whatever you dont have to go EVERY day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forbes list

So Angelina Jolie overtook Oprah on the Forbes list for entertainers. She did it without any actual numbers to support her.--- You can read about it in the magazine: she "only" made 20 something million dollars last year" as compared to Oprahs 275, yet still Her hotness and the whole adopting a bunch of kids and being hooked up with Brad Pitt, makes her go to that top spot. I truly dont get those that rip on her and tons do, including Ms Gainesville Cuban ---- HUGE fan here though .....Happy for her moving into that top spot
I know this post is similar to something a ten year old girl would write, except about Brad Pitt instead of Jolie, but I dont care , She and Mary Louise Parker are my main women....(when you talk about famous women who are hot and dont even know who I Am)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Somehow this reminds me of the movie Scarface

Right at the end when Tony Montana is all coked up and shot up right before he dies.... This is the Anteater version of that scene

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weeds Season 5

Just rewatching the last few episodes from Season 4 of weeds, getting ready for the Season 5 premier next Monday June 8th.
Here is my dilemma, I watched the first 4 seasons basically one weekend at a time as I did not catch on to the greatness of this show until after a few seasons were already in the can. I rented season 1,2 and 3 and watched them in bulk, That was about a year ago, and then I just watched season 4 in bulk about 3 weeks ago. I am all caught up and ready for Monday Night, however, in a way, I wish I had the will power to not watch season 5 until it was completely over so I can get the full series in on one marvelous weekend instead of constantly waiting for each Monday.

I think I am in love with Mary Louise Parker as well and she doesn't even know who I am.

Orlando Magic Win Game 6

This photo is from this past Saturday night in Orlando.
The guy in the cap is Tiger Woods. His seats are a little bit better then mine were. Damn, I should have become the best Golfer in the world instead of going into Insurance. Decisions we make can have an impact on where you end up sitting .
Tim Tebow was also at this game. The best College Quarterback in the world and of course, Lebron was there as well:

Four of the greatest athletes in the world all in the same arena Lebron, Tiger, and Tebow were the other three, and of course Dwight.
He Twittered after the game that he was in tears as they won.