Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last weekend

Riding a Gondola this past weekend.

Lunch at the beach restaurant.

My daughter is obsessed with not allowing her little brother to make the peace sign over her head so she held his arms down to prevent that from happening.

She forgot this time. She told me to delete the picture.


NTF said...

It would seem that little brother is equally obsessed with making sure he gets the peace sign over her head for each photo op. Little brothers are good for crap like that.

Native Minnow said...

I'm interested in how the peace sign above the head in pictures actually started out. What's the significance? Or is it just something that's been around as long as cameras have been? I need to know these things.

Bill From Gainesville said...

putting the peace sign over a fellow picturee is directly from the 1500's It started when people were painting portraits, but the artist just would not bite. Then when they invented cameras in the 1800s it took to long for the camera to catch it. People tried it wasnt until about 1950 that the first peace sign over someones head ever actually made it to film It was a small jewish little brother with a cleft lip that first accomplished it. His older sister later kicked his ass.

quin browne said...

in my day, we called it devil's horns, and god knows i have enough photos with my brother doing that to me.

made me laugh in the memory.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are just waooo. Amazing.

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