Thursday, June 18, 2009

Piles of trouble ....

The issues we all face are uniquely our own. Some people would say that if everyone put there troubles on a pile, and a mound of people troubles grew on that spot, and then you had to pick out a batch of troubles to reclaim, they would choose there own. ..... Not me, someone else can have my bullshit. I would like to have normal troubles in life instead of all the bullshit in my wheelhouse.
Having said that, I do realize that other people have worse shit, and with my luck, the group of people I would be hanging out with when we piled our crap up on the ground to form our mountain of troubles, would all be people way worse off then I already am. This gives me solace. So without detailing all the bullshit I deal with, this is a shout out to those people who have even more crap then me that they are going through. You guys give me hope.
So to you men that feel like you should have been born a woman, I salute you, that is not one of MY issues and I could see how that would suck.
To those of you with an addiction that you have no control over and you end up finding backwashed drippings of beer in beer bottles that have been thrown away and you drink that shit? thank you!
All you people with terminal diseases ... that is some real bullshit for you and .... well, ... just glad its not me, even though I can still be sorry for your plight.


Native Minnow said...

In other words, misery loves company.

The Charming Hedonist said...

It's like the old saying: When waist deep in a pile of crap, be thankful you aren't standing on your head.

You'll come through it. I know you will.

quin browne said...

i wish it wasn't me, either.

life sucks, right? then, we get up the next day, take a fucking big breath, and give it another shot.