Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hanging on to that towel

Ever play tug of war with a little dog? They are Biting down on one end of a hand towel and you are holding the other, and you are just pulling and tugging, both toward yourself, and right and left, and that Dog Just hangs on? Even pulls back on it some. If it is a little dog you can sometimes even get them airborne a little, with the rough housing? - I feel like that dog right now, just hanging on and sometimes going airborne. - I guess sometime in the future I might be forced to let go. Then it will be time to see if I can get back on that little towel or find another towel. Just wish the person at the other end was a little easier. Hate going airborne with him, but that's just how he shakes it right now, and I like chewing on that towel.


Sammy T said...

I tore my rotator cuff and labrum playing tug of war with my dog in 2004. That shoulder is still messed up!!! I tore my ACL the year before that thanks to you!!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Just juked you right out of your ACL!!!!!