Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just my train of thought as I watch the NFL Draft

Watching the Draft-- Love it being on Thursday in Prime Time.

-Wow, Nick Fairly looks like Urkle, if Urkle was on steroids.
-Da'Quan bowers has two capital letters in his name. Thats just extra capitalization going on right there.
-Wow- Vikings really reached in picking Christian Ponder so high. I mean the dude can play, and I believe he will have a long career, but primarily as a backup and spot starter.
-Detroit is going to be a good team next year- Nick Fairley AND Suh? that is scary stuff. If Stafford can quit getting hurt, that team is going to do something next season.
-Come on DOLPHINS -- Don't screw this up!
-WOOOHOOOO! - Mike Pouncy to the DOLPHINS! First GATOR to GO! I likey!-- (noticed Adazio is in NY to be with him. - So glad he is no longer the Gators OC) I saw him hugging Mike and I wasn't angry at Him anymore. I can let it go now.
-I can't believe Prince Amukamara is still available and the Bucs are only two picks away! -- Crossing my fingers that SanDiego and the Giants don't snag him first.
- Wow Corey Liuget's mom has her Easter Sunday Church Hat on! that thing is FABULOUS! -- also San Diego did not get Prince Amukamara so he just has to get by the Giants now to be available for the Bucs.
-Uh Oh--- the Giants fans are chanting that "We Want Prince" - from my perspective, this is NOT good. Shut your Whore Mouths up!
-Come on Giants, pick someone other than Prince.
-Prince's relatives are rocking the African Garb....
-Okay a Defensive End. Can always use a pass rush. Adrian Clayborn welcome to TAMPA!


NTF said...

What no love for Patrick Peterson going 5th overall.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Patrick Peterson to Arizona! Go Cardinals