Thursday, November 17, 2011

The People at Jiffy Pop should help me put my clothes away

Doing the wash the other day, in the way that I do it. ( I wash Dirty clothes, and they are all dirty, so I don't have time to segregate between whites and colors)  I probably had 3 full loads of clothes that needed washing,  but I only wanted to mess with one load, so I rummaged through the dirty clothes pile and filled my basket up by choosing just the clothes I would most likely wear in the next few weeks.  (favorite clothes status is kind of like favored nation status for countries if you as a person were a country)
When they were done and I was going to start the process of putting them in drawers and the closet,  I just reached in and grabbed a mess load of hangers for my shirts.  It just so happened I had grabbed the  perfect amount of hangers.  I had randomly thrown in 12 shirts without counting,  and also randomly grabbed 12 hangers. -- Its not life shattering or anything because If I had not grabbed enough hangers I could have just gone back to the closet and got more,  or if I had snagged too many hangers I could just put the remainder back. -  One of those two scenarios is usually what always happens,  but not that day.  On that day, my hangers and my clothes washing was in perfect harmony.  -  It is a small thing for sure, but,  it made me  happy.
Its kind of like eating microwave popcorn,  except with Microwave popcorn you usually hit on the perfect amount more than you find a shortage or an overage.  Most of the time,  when you are watching a movie or something and decide to have some popcorn, you pop it and then eat it, and when you are done with the bag, you are content.   You ate all the popcorn in the bag and you don't want more.  Sometimes though you eat the whole bag and you want more so you have to pop another bag.  Other times you pop that bag and you only eat 3/4 of it or so when you are full, or if not full,  tired of popcorn.    Usually the one bag is perfect.  Its like the people at Jiffy Pop know me.  

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