Thursday, November 17, 2011

A couple of phone calls

A few days ago,  I received a phone call from the ex-wife.  Her agenda was basically that our daughter is about to get her Learners permit and we need to get her added on to an automobile policy.  Primarily,  My Automobile policy because you don't just add people on to a policy for free.  She wouldn't necessarily mind if she was added to Her policy, but what did concern her was who was going to be paying for it.  
So then I made a phone call, and found out that when you add someone that is not yet a fully licensed driver , as is the case in this situation,  they were not going to charge anything,  It's a year later when they get you.  
I also found out I could be paying a little less than I currently am  on my own deal, and it worked out to be a savings for me of $150 over 6 months!  Thats 300 dollars for the year! So that worked out well.  Out of curiosity though, I asked the what about in a little over a year from now?  How much would it be then,  once a 16 year old Girl is added? The answer ? around $1800.00.... Yikes! But,  that is still more than a little over a year away, so until then I am just going to focus on the approximately $300 savings I will be getting!


Heff said...

That's correct. SOME insurance companies don't charge until the young driver actually turns 16 and is licensed.

You happen to be lucky enough to be with one of those companies.

All companies have different rating criteria, factors, niches, etc.

Once she turns 16, look for a company that will rate her as an "occasional driver", and you'll probably get a better rate than that impending $ 1800 nightmare, lol.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Thanks Heff. I will shop around when the time comes and the 1800 was kind of an estimate and not the absolute number.