Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Protest is ridiculous

The Occupy Wall Street protest is the most ridiculous thing.    These people evidently  believe that wall Street controls the government and that by hanging out in a park,  they will change things?    They apparently also want some kind of wealth re-distribution as well?  Idiot Nut bags is what they are.  Our political system is clearly a mess but the freedom to make a bunch of money if you have the smarts and know how is what built this country.  The people who dominate Wall Street and then subsequently influence politicians, is just  how the game is played.  I can respect that the nut bags hanging out in Zuccoti Park don't like the game, even though I disagree with them,  but their actions to change things is absolutely futile and misguided.  It's like they are throwing wet spaghetti noodles at a tank.  Sure it would kind of be a pain in the but for the tank commander but it really would have no effect.   I just can't believe how long it has gone on.  

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