Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Fantasy football has been over for a couple of weeks.   This was one of my worst years ever.  I came in Dead Last in one league, and close to the bottom in the other.  My team was horrible.  In the league I came in dead last,  here are some of the mistakes we made. 
* Picked CJ2K  with my first pick and he absolutely sucked this year but I kept plugging him in the lineup anyways hoping that week would be the one when he broke out.
* Picked Marshawn Lynch really low and thought I had a steal,  but then after he did pretty much nothing, for the first 5 weeks We dropped him, and wouldn't you know he went off after that?
* Started Kellen Winslow over Fred Davis way to many games
* Drafted Shonn Green way to high
In the other league I had some bad breaks as well.
*  Darren McFadden was awesome until he got hurt relatively early in the season,  no big deal though he will just miss a couple of weeks I thought.   Not true,  dude never came back from an ankle.  Dude couldn't be decent enough to just get Hurt really bad so I wouldn't continue going around with hope he would be back any week.
*  Had Adrian Peterson as well and he missed a few games from an ankle and of course by the time he got back it was a little late.  (then of course he had that awful injury after that and I doubt he will ever be the same)
* Scored the second or third most points in a week on 4 separate occasions, but went 1 and 3 those weeks because the schmuck I was playing outscored even that those weeks.
Just disappointing

Here is A picture of Jerry Jones being disappointed, I think it could apply to my fake teams that I owned, as much as it does to his real one.
Don't get me started on how disappointing the Gator Season was as well....

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