Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lost French dudes and hot chicks with tiny nostrils

True story about Tonight.  I worked late today until at least about 6:30 p.m.  or so.  I had ate a little breakfast, but no lunch.   I looked in my refrigerator and none of that stuff seemed worthwhile so I decided to head up to my favorite bar.  On the way,  I texted a neighbor of mine to see if she wanted to go.
She texted me back to say she was already hanging out at the bar,   So, when I arrived,  it was already going on.    
I saw this absolutely beautiful woman,  but she had the tiniest nose.  I truly worried that if she ever got even a decent sized booger in her Rhino,  she might suffocate,  because this girl had the tiniest nose and corresponding little itsy bitsy nostrils it worried me.   No way that her finger would ever fit inside those breathing holes to ever get any type of boogers out of there.  lets face it everyone picks their nose,  except this girl probably could not fit her fingers in if her life depended on  it.  Still,  as tiny as that was,  she was super hot.
Then a french dude from France came up to us because he was lost.  He had flown in earlier that day but somehow got lost and instead of going to Clearwater he ended up in downtown Tampa.  It was awesome,  I gave him directions and wished him well on his journey back over the bridge,  but deep down I wondered how much he understood.  True story the dude was FRENCH and he primarily spoke that language and he had asked ME how to get where he was going.

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