Friday, July 23, 2010

Things I like: Angelina Jolie, and the movie "Salt" that she stars in...

went to see Salt tonight.

If the James Bond Series was updated, and then cross pollinated with the Jason Bourne Series, and then that amalgamation of a spy film, had babies with the Die Hard Series, while they were both on a cocaine binge, what you would have then, is this movie.
The first ten minutes or so of this flick draws you in to the character. The chase scenes and the action starts after that, and from about that point in, until the end of the movie, its just all action and intensity with several twists and turns, like a ride at Busch Gardens that the Belgians just wished they could invent some time in the future. Serious Roller coaster of a movie is what we have here.
Angelina Jolie owns her role and nails the character. The Stunts are crazy ass top of the line, and although the stuff that goes on is completely unbelievable, you totally believe it anyway, It's that good.


Anonymous said...

best movie review ever!!!

but why is it called salt?

i forgot my password and am too lazy, again, to look it up but i know that you know what you need to know to figure out who this is....

ok, fine.... emily

Bill From Gainesville said...

EMM--- Back in the 1990's There was a T.V. Show called "Seinfield" and the reason it was called this was because the main character was named "Seinfield" ... This movie is called Salt because the main character played by Jolie is named Evelyn Salt.