Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atlas Shrugged the Movie

Heard they are filming Atlas Shrugged, but that its on a little budget with no name actors. - Seriously, People will go see that movie because the book was so timeless and is so on point with all the bullshit that is going on now with the O'bama Administration. The book has been in print for 53 years continuously. --- The Library of Congress says it is the second most influential book ever written. Its just a damn good story and philosophy about life.
Those bastards better not make the thing all hokey and full of shit. They have a duty to make it what it should be. -


NTF said...

I have always been afraid of what a movie of Atlas Shrugged might look like. I also find it hard to believe that hollywood is capable of giving the book proper treatment without trying to throw a liberal spin on it.

Anonymous said...

what is the first ranked influential book ever
-chasey werther

Bill From Gainesville said...

That would be the bible.