Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tebow Signs by Sunday August 1rst

Tim Tebow signed a contract the other day. It was with Jockey though, and not the Bronco's. I do believe he will sign with the Broncos soon. I have personally spoken with representatives of his agent (This is true and not me just making stuff up)

His agent does not ordinarily sign people that are not first round type picks, that is how successful he is as an agent. (Jimmy Sexton) So prior to the draft, when there was a lot of talk about Tim Going as low as the fourth round, I asked a guy on his agency team why they signed him. The response was that regardless of his draft Status, Tim Tebow is a Marketing machine, and the revenue they will earn off his endorsements will more than make up for any draft status that he ends up with. -- It was true then, and just because he ended up going in the first round (like he deserved ) does not mean that the majority of the money he earns this year or in his career will come from the Bronco's. Most of it will come with the off field endorsements. -The numbers being published in the news that is being offered by the Bronco's is 12 million over 5 years. with 8.5 guaranteed. that is about 2.4 million a year. His agent is currently holding out for a QB premium, just to save face, but Tebow knows that 2.4 is only about half the money he can make in his Rookie year when endorsements are considered, and the endorsement money will only go up if he ends up making an impact for the Bronco's as a rookie, and to do that he knows he needs to get in camp.
The QB premium that his agent is looking for, is strictly a principle thing, and thus the Broncos know they don't have to budge. Tebow is already working on securing his SECOND contract by being Awesome in the first one, and will not allow any kind of lengthy hold out to occur.
The Bronco's Rookies reported today. The full team is due to report this Sunday. I believe Tebow's deal will be done by then and he will be in camp on August 1. It is the smart move and Tebow is certainly smart.

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