Monday, July 19, 2010

From the Movie "The Last Samurai"

In that movie "The Last Samurai" right towards the end of the film, the Samurai attack the Japanese Imperial Army. All the Samurai have are spears, swords and Bows and Arrows. - The Imperial Army has a Gatling Gun. If all you have are spears and arrows and stuff, and the other guys has a Gatling Gun, than maybe you should re-think the whole situation. -- Not into being Macho like the Samurai were, but Damn, Don't try to scare me when all the other side has are Nerf Guns to shoot at us?
Yes you still have to ride your horse in there and swing those swords, but they are not going to be firing a Gatling Gun at us, And Yes, riding a horse can cause a sore Ass, but damn it you are a Samurai....

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