Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Weekend coming up

Big week coming up.

A new friend of mine who is the first baseman and also a drummer in a cover band is playing Tobacco Road this Saturday. Thats a pretty big time place to play, as that bar has been around for over 100 years. A bunch of us from the "Last Kid Picked" will be there, and some other people I know may show up as well. I also love that I can ride that train thing to get there and that is one of my favorite bars. And "last Kid Picked" won a damn game finally, last week.
Sunday is the Dolphins vs the Chargers and I invited myself, I only have to bring the tailgate, I felt kind of guilty inviting myself but the hell with it, I made it clear that I can take rejection. I didnt really feel that bad, cause its NFL football on a Sunday Afternoon. LIVING...
Got some Drugs for my tooth today from the Dentist who works across the street. They have to last till Tuesday, when I can have the joy of a root canal on a tooth that already had a root canal. Oh Joy. It hurt like hell the first time, and I am a total wuss when it comes to dental work.
This Friday I am doing the 332 to the 352 but not to see my kids, although I did make a date with them for Sunday Morning breakfast before I head back. I am going up there this weekend to see the Mighty Gators take on those Cajuns from Baton Rouge. A game I have not missed, home or away in over 16 years. A friend of mine who now lives at the home of the SEC East Leading Vanderbilt Commodores is coming down and we will probably drink to much, tell some lies and have a blow out weekend. Before Last weekend I was sure the Gators would take them, now after that mess last Saturday not so much.
Took My kids to that debacle last weekend. Stupid Ole Miss. My son made it the whole game which is good for him. I had tried to take him to a game before and we were unable to finish. This time though, we made it with the help of some Cotton candy and a couple of "Chill's" Love me some "Chills" and so does my Boy. My Daughter does also, but she is excellent at going to football games already. She shook Tebow's hand as he came in during the Gator Walk. Or you know, gave him five as it were.


Quin Browne said...

chili's is good, riding a train to your bar and back is good, tailgating is good, drugs are spiffy.

root canals?

remember the drugs.

Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Totally dig Tobacco Road, riding the train and also think the dentist office is the closest thing to hell on earth.
Oh yeah, and looking forward to G'ville and all that comes with that.
By the way, game day is at Vandy: It's the apocalypse!