Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playing Hurt

Just some observations.
Brian Westbrook broke two ribs last week playing football. He is planning on playing this week. "Just shoot me up coach, give me a flak jacket and get me the damn Ball."
Pretty sure he is tougher then me.

Two Weeks ago Anquan Boldin got rocked. He had his Sinus broken --- I dont even know what that means, or how you do that, but I hope my sinuses never do anything but create some snot and stuff. He had Surgery, and now will be playing Wide Receiver in the National Football League this upcoming week. Running across the middle of a football field. - Playing wide receiver in the NFL and going over the middle, is like swimming in a lake filled with hungry alligators.
I did have a guy drill through a tooth yesterday. I still have the hole in the thing right now as it is evidently a multiple visit process, and then I came home and wrote up some reports and stuff. Thats just me playing hurt and all, emulating Brian and Anquan.


Quin Browne said...

did the dentist look like lawrence olivier??

Nashville Tiger Fan said...

You're a bad ass brother.