Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The one where Bill gets all Political

Best Debate yet tonight. Bottom line is that people who are for O'bama are not going to be swayed because they basically don't pay attention. They are so built in to not wanting President Bush to be elected again that they are blind to the fact that he is not running.

We basically have a choice. In 19 days, I fear the American People are going to make the wrong decision. We have a choice between a good and decent man who believes in Capitalism or a Johnny come lately who believes in socialism. He Damn near believes in communism. If it is up to Mr. O'Bama the people who suck in America, and who live off others work will come out in mass. To them its a free ride. Mr. O'bama told that Plumber dude that basically we need to redistribute the wealth of America. That means it doesn't matter about your ability, or work ethic, it matters that people get something that is not due to them.
We have two flawed candidates running for President, the choice isn't who is better but who is less worse. The less worse candidate is McCain. He is clearly the better of the two choices we have.
McCain is a good Man and he doesn't believe I should have to work for the benefit of Others. Read Ayn Rands book, Atlas Shrugged. People of ability that just go on Strike. I don't want to work to subsidize the masses, I want to work for my family for my children and for myself. I Understand how awful O'Bama's ideals are. Look, O'bama is a clean well spoken man of accomplishment but he is a total socialist and he scares me with his ideals.
I can't imagine being an American, if O'Bama becomes President. He is a total Joke not because he is not smart, he is . I hate that he is probably going to win and I hate that the most liberal senator in the entire senate is going to get elected as my President.
Bottom line McCain worked O'bama tonight but the democrats dont care about the issues they just dont want Bush to be president again.


scg said...

Bill, I agree with you 100%!
And I just can't imagine America with a socialist as President.

This is where I have to rely on my faith. God is ultimately in charge, so what will be will be.

However, I do plan to move to Idaho as soon as a job comes open. There are few socialist there.


Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Well said brother. Ayn Rand is rolling over in her grave as we head down this road of socialism. Where do I find John Galt?

Bill From Gainesville said...

SCG -- I will miss you when you move to Idaho, But I have actually been thinking about moving to Costa Rica Myself. I probably wont do it for a few years, truthfully I probably wont do it at all, but the way this country is going, its just sad.
NTF-- Ayn Rand fought it and we must to and John Galt is in that secret valley in Colorado somewhere

ManningStalker said...

I'm essentially a rookie in the whole political arena despite my age. However, I know a little something about making an argument or even a statement. I know I should provide details that support my position rather thaan simply restating the position repeatedly. This is especially true if I'm trying to make a statement about politics. If I do not provide details and facts to support my position, I am no better than the politicians. So Mr. Bill, I would like to request you educate me and the rest of bloggers as to why you feel so strongly for McCain and so strongly against O'Bama. I have watched the 3 Presidential Debates, and I'm not sure O'Bama "lost" any of them. I have this feeling in my head that I want to favor McCain. Probably because a lot of the people I know and am friends with support McCain. However, I haven't heard McCain deliver any details that make sense to me, and his VP choice is just rediculous. Can you see Palin trying discuss serious issues with the leaders of the middle east or Ivan Drago's homeland? Can you give me some good reasons (with factual details) not to vote for O'Bama besides the fact he is apparently a Communist?

Michele-a-licious said...

Oh are so young, so angry; damn that rap music!

I am leaning toward Obama but I am not afraid or angry if McCain wins. I won't feel the need to flee the country.( I am worried big "Jacked up to Jesus" hair will come back into vogue like those damn rimless glasses have)

You know as well as I do what a president wants and what they get are two very different things. If they did get everything they wanted we would have universal health care courtesy of another Bill who lived up DC way for about 8 years.

I am glad you are passionate about your presidential choice but cheer up little buckaroo, you should be more concerned about who you send to congress if you are worried about socialism.

Go Gators!


Bill From Gainesville said...

Manning stalker -- I have sent support directly to your e-mail detailing the evilness of mr. Obama. It also includes support for why McCain is better within that very same E-mail. Having said that I also have problems with McCain. Specifically His position on Abortion and stem cell research bothers me. I also dislike his V.P. choice as well, (although I think it was brilliant at the same time) She is going to get votes from many feminists that supported Clinton that otherwise would have gone to O-Bama.
Licious. -- I dont know if I am passionate, again My ultimate summary was to vote for the Least Worse candidate which in my mind is McCain. This is different then me saying Vote for McCain cause he poops gold bars or something.
P.S. to Manning Stalker. If you havent read Atlas Shrugged you really should. Not only is it a true classic, it is some excellent fiction and is my favorite book along with her other major book: The Fountainhead

Quin Browne said...

i heard galt bought a bar out in the desert of nevada...