Sunday, October 19, 2008

To the Adrenaline Rush of a close series.

No doubt watching the Rays win tonight was a special thing to see. It was what makes Sports such a great thing. At that level of competition, with that intensity, with that city, and that franchise doing what they did all year, as well as in the playoffs, and against the establishment that is the Red Sox, .... Just Wow.
I am just an observer here. I am not invested in the Rays, nor the Redsox. I am not really even invested in baseball. So from that perspective, I am just an average guy, A guy who always puts Football first. A guy who has watched maybe 8 innings total of playoff baseball this season before tonight, A guy who was just watching the ALCS because I was home, and it was on, and the Bucs were dominating the Seahawks, that was absolutely AWESOME!
Looking forward to the World Series now. I am sure I wont even watch all of it but if they play a game 7 in that one, my T.V. will be on it, and probably even more then that. Wednesday is Game 1 and I don't see why I would not be watching that as well.
Good Luck Ray's -- but not to much. I am just a fan and I want the drama and the tension to build and build. I am the guy who wants to see the Ray's win but I want to see it in seven, Not a sweep or even 4 to 1 ... Give me some more of that adrenaline you were pushing on us tonight.


Quin Browne said...

who is in the series?

Michele-a-licious said...


Bill From Gainesville said...

QB -- Phillies and Rays
Licious --- thats right DA RAYS