Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I love America

I went to see the socialist candidate for President of the united States of America, but after walking down to the park and eyeing the security procedures I would have had to go through to get in the back of the park to hear him from about 3000 yards away, I just walked off instead. It was a nice little walk though and I probably burned some calories so thanks O'bama. I heard tiny little bits of his speech -- nothing of substance though. He didn't have loud speakers like he should have. Evidently the gist of the thing is that BUSH was a bad president and only he can solve the problem because HE would be a GOOD president ! I know I am like a fucking journalist here on this blog just breaking news for the masses. I did see some cool things and took some pictures though. I saw a bunch of Bicycle cops wearing shorts.

It is kind of like a Conga line of bicycle cops. I would wear black bootie short socks though like some of them at the end of the line myself if I was a bicycle cop. and look at the third guy in. Hey Bicycle cop dude, The 80's called, they want their calve length socks back.


On the way back I saw this guy and his truck all decked out in some kind of party mode Urging everyone to VOTE for Barrack Obama. He had it in a little Heart shaped sign. Honestly. Is that necessary? The kool aid that all these O'bama people are drinking must be laced with angel pee. Seriously I get that he is a dynamic dude, I get that and I get that he can speak well and just by talking so beautifully it makes your heart go all flutter flutter. It doesn't even matter what he says to the O'Bama lovers because they are so Enamored with the word CHANGE. Look I get that he is going to be my president but who is going to feel worse four years from now? Me or all The Kool Aid drinking O'bama fans when they find out he is just a scummy politician and power hungry Harvard educated Lawyer?


I did see a big old sign on the American Airlines Arena though. Tina Turner is coming to town in about 10 days. When I looked up at that building I saw some cops up on top with guns. I guess they were Snipers. Probably if they saw some one that was going to do harm to O'bama they would shoot them.



Also I saw Tom Brady at the thing. I thought he was recuperating from Knee surgery but evidently its coming along well enough that he can walk down the street.
Plus on the positive side, even though it was a rally for O'bama the most liberal, socialistic candidate that will soon be our president. The American spirit is alive and well. There were tons of Street vendors selling all kinds of stuff. Mostly O'bama "Change" T-shirts. but also water, and buttons and signs and flags and stuff. None of these people were actually with the candidate. they were out on the street where 45 thousand or so people were walking along selling. Using Capitalism at a socialistic rally. Damn How I love America.


Michele-a-licious said...

First I am glad the nasty liberals did not harm our Bill. That would make me sad.

Second, and this not meant to be served with a frosty glass of Kool-Aid, but how is the government buying controlling shares in the major banks, including Bank of America which was doing just fine thank you very much, not socialism? ( and very scary)

The Bailouts in general rubbed me the wrong way, what you sow you gonna reap and all that, but I did not realize the Man was buying into our banks. I thought it was just more bailout money. What happened to less government?? That is the kind of crap that is pushing the middle of the road types like me to the left.

In the words of F Gump "That's all I have to say about that"

Bill From Gainesville said...

Licious--- I was all incognito on them. I didn't wear my Republicanism on my sleeve, I kept it all silent and on the inside. Telling you though and once again. WE ARE IN A MESS and although I do not Think McCain is the answer I do know that O'bama who is totally a nobody who happens to be able to speak well is not the answer. Again, in my opinion, McCain is the lesser of two evils.