Tuesday, October 14, 2008

13 and 1 here we come

One more thing, FLORIDA FOOTBALL IS A JOY TO WATCH. Okay, don't get me wrong, they lost to a team they shouldn't have, and then they made that loss seem even so much more depressing when they wore out LSU. How could a team that could do that to LSU lose to Ole Miss?
But its like Life. Sometimes stupid stuff trips you up. Sometimes you get worked when you least expect it, but in the end, Florida Football is Wholesome and Good. Florida Football is NEIL ARMSTRONG walking on the moon. It's Kennedy's speach guaranteeing that would happen within the next ten years in 1960, and then sitting in front of your Black and White T.V. when Neil says those words in 1969: One Small Step For Man, One Giant leap for mankind.
Florida Football is about 92 thousand people showing up on a Saturday Night all willing and rooting for the same thing. It's about beautiful college women walking around in Sundresses, and Sunshine and the Bell tower standing tall. It's about drinking beer with your friends and its about eating Burgers.

So when you get little setbacks like Ole Miss beating you, then you just deal and go on to the next game and you wear Arkansas Out at Arkansas. Then you wear Out the number 4 team in the country. Then you take a week off, and in the week off, you commit to being humble and you think about OLE MISS beating you. USE that loss you Mighty Gators. DO NOT let that loss hurt you. Let it help you. USE it to think about how fragile life is and when I say Life thats more of a metaphor for COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Life doesnt care. Your bills have to get paid weather or not you made enough money to pay them or not. If you find yourself short, then Borrow it but of course pay it back. If you find its hard to Play at Noon, then just look at the starving kids in Africa or at the Genocide going on in Darfur. Look at 9/11 and look at the fact as a Nation we may elect a socialist to the highest office in the land. That is hard stuff, playing football at Noon, not so much in comparison.
Twelve regular season games, one Championship game and then the bowl game. Fourteen Saturdays out of the 52 is all you get this year . One of those Saturdays turned out kind of bad already, but we have a 5 and 1 record now and only 8 to go ----13 and 1 is the place to end up and now that we have that new Time Machine of ours, No problems.


just a girl... said...

love your passion. I am a longhorn fan here and Saturday was awesome freaking football on my end.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Just a Girl, -- I watched that as well we tailgate with a T.V. and a Dish SHIPLEY is the Man except that So is COLT --- Hopefully we can have a Texas Florida Championship game up the road from my house.