Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A poem sent to me by a friend

Another E-mail I received today: Man you guys with these E-mails are writing my blog for me!
'Twas the night before elections > And all through the town > Tempers were flaring > Emotions all up and down! > > I, in my bathrobe > With a dog in my lap > Had cut off the TV > Tired of political crap.> > When all of a sudden > There arose such a noise > I peered out of my window > Saw Obama and his boys > > They had come for my wallet > They wanted my pay > To give to the others > Who had not worked a day! > > He snatched up my money > And quick as a wink > Jumped back on his bandwagon > As I gagged from the stink > > He then rallied his henchmen > Who were pulling his cart > I could tell they were out > To tear my country apart! > > "On Fannie, on Freddie, > On Biden and Ayers! > On Acorn, On Pelosi" > He screamed at the pairs! > > They took off for his cause > And as he flew out of sight > I heard him laugh at the nation > Who wouldn't stand up and fight! > > So I leave you to think > On this one final note- > IF YOU DONT WANT SOCIALISM > GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!>

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