Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy Sentence Writing

OKAY, College Game Day is at VANDERBILT.... Thats a sentence you never expect to write. In the entire history of sentence writing, those combination of letters and words put together are just one of those things you just dont think is possible. Bare with me, while I go take a few deep breaths.... Okay I am back, Its going to be all right Its just that sometimes when your whole world gets shaken up you just need to sit back and reflect.
VANDERBILT IS A TOP 25 TEAM. Okay, I said it ---the sentence writing going on in this blog is just absolutely crazy. Its like a crackhead doing speed in a rollercoaster, with his schlong hanging out kind of sentence writing thats going on in this post. WOW.


Nashville Tiger Fan said...

Sign at game day "The Geeks shall inherit the Earth." Drove by Vandy's campus this morning to make sure it was actually going on. Still don't believe it.

Bill From Gainesville said...

NTF--- I think I saw that sign. I saw another one that said "4 and 0) isnt just our GPA anymore.