Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Gloat Post.

I am not sure when I went through it, nor even where I was at the time it happened. That's what people don't understand about time travel. Its pretty tricky stuff. This past Friday I drove up to Gainesville and on Saturday I watched the Gators take LSU out to the Wood shack out back, and just beat their asses like it was 1995.
It was Like I was in the Mid- 1990's all over again, some damn time portal I went through brought me to a place I had been at before.
Twelve years ago or so, that's how it was with Florida Football. Back then Number 4 type teams in all the land of college Football would come into the Swamp, and then the Gators would just put a beat down on them. Back then the teams were named Auburn or FSU or whatever. The other night they called them LSU. Number 4 team in the nation comes into the swamp, and not only do they get beat, but after its all over, LSU fans go what the fuck was that Buzz saw we just got caught up in?
Grown men whose knowledge and love for the game is like mine, wonder out loud if maybe their school wont be lucky to play in the liberty bowl or something, when, before it started, they believed their school had National Championship type talent. The beat down wasn't just the score, but it included the questioning that comes into the minds of good people for the rest of the season. Its the kind of beat down that isn't just one Saturday in the fall but the type that makes LSU fans wonder if they could even beat Syracuse. It was bad, but no, you shouldn't disband your whole program and play badmitton or something going forward.
There is allot to be said for the type of game where the lead changes back and forth and what not. Those close games are good also, but every once in awhile, after you take a bunch of crap, what you need is this. You need to watch the team you care about beat another team down. Not the Northern Illinoises of the world, but the previously un-beaten Defending National Champions. (even if it was the first and only two loss National Champions you may ever see) It just did my heart good. In fact, I feel guilty about it sort of, I mean LSU is a Nice Top Tier SEC school. People that Follow LSU Football understand their place in the world, and yet after it was over they are now wondering if they could even beat Syracuse.
Afterwards, As I was driving back to the hotel, LSU fans were giving me shit, but they were doing it by pointing out that Yes, Maybe they took a beating that night, but at least Ole Miss didn't beat them. I just pointed out how they got beat down by a school that got beat by Ole Miss.
Anyhow, To all the LSU people that will read this, and you know who you are, I do believe Yall could travel to Syracuse and beat them. Seriously, You could, and Badmitton is for Middle school kids, Get that out of your minds as well.


Brian in Mpls said...

That was a great game:)

Quin Browne said...

i can't talk about it.

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