Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ricky Jean Francois isnt the only one talking trash

A friend of mine from the Baton Rouge Area sent this to me.
Evidently A hurricane originating in the RED STICK area is brewing and coming on over to Gainesville with the estimated damage at "beyond belief"
Ricky Jean Francois says they are going to "hurt" Tebow and put him in the training room
Honestly -- I am pretty sure my friend from Baton Rouge thinks a slight breeze is something more then that and as Francois will find out Tebow is pretty good and motivated.
As Lee Corso might say, "not so fast my friends"


Brian in Mpls said...

That is awesome:)

Nashville Tiger Fan said...

I so love this weekend! It's even made better by big dumb ass creole defensive linemen that stit the pot. Geaux Tigers