Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FL vs GA Week

Here it is Wednesday of the Fl, UGA week, and although I have been thinking about it alot, I havent even mentioned it in my blog. so there you go. ITS FL UGA week and for a little over 3 hours this Saturday all worries will be forgotten, all problems put on the back burner except for the ones the mighty Gators will face during the game. THOSE will be the things I worry about then, and the only thing I will be able to do is YELL at the freaking T.V. about them. -- Or Maybe like the last Four weeks we will blow the bulldogs out also? Then even if we give them a safety or something late in the game, it will be something like 63 to 5 and it really wont be that big a deal to me? -- I think however we are going to have one of those back and forth affairs which are fun also but much more stressful.

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