Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jim Tressel sweater vest wearing weather and I missed it.

Some guys wear Bow ties. That's their thing. Andrew Sorenson who was or maybe even still is the President of the University of Alabama wears them, that's just what he does. Dhani Jones wears them. He plays Linebacker for the Bengals. Even has his own company that makes them.
Barry Goldwater was Huge with the bolo tie thing before he passed away. (side note, true story, I went to college in Arizona and one day I pulled my car up behind a Black sedan with tinted windows and the license plate read: AU H2O, which are the symbols for Gold and water which if your name was GoldWater that would be the perfect plate to have, and yes it was him)
Other guys wear Hats. David Garard the QB for the Jax Jags thinks its still the forties or something the way he sports those fedoras.
Me I am a sweater vest guy, Except I am not. I Like the whole sweater vest look, but I live in the tropics. Back in the day when I lived in North Central Florida our winter was more then 4 or 5 random days between October and February so I could sport it a little. Jim Tressel basically stole that signature look from me. Except now not so much. So much to my chagrin when I walked all the way down my hall today, waited for the elevator, caught the elevator, rode down to the lobby and finally walked out the door to find that it was actually sweater vest wearing weather and I didn't sport one. How devastating for the billster. I contemplated going back up to get one on, but then knew I was running late for my day and didn't. Tomorrow though its supposed to be the same. Watch out Jim Tressel. I am going to be sporting it tomorrow!!!

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