Thursday, October 23, 2008

a look ahead to the wonderfulness that is Friday

The beauty of a Friday. Working my butt off tomorrow but then at the end of the day I will have clocked down a fruitful week. Friday Night I am going to have a few drinks with a friend, Hopefully, the woman has stood me up quite a bit in the past, and then Saturday is Gator Game Day. Not going to the game in Gainesville this weekend, but will watch it at an establishment with other clear headed Gator fans. Then Sunday I think the Fish Will beat down the Bills for only their second loss of the season. I just feel it. Hopefully I will see it on that day as well. Also I picked up Ricky Williams to replace the injurred Reggie Bush so come on Sparano give him the rock ...
Next week will come soon enough, and it is already kind of ugly looking with lots of stupid windshield time, but I will deal with that like the waiter deals with the customers that get sat down at their tables. I will bring the soup, and will make sure no flies are in it as well.

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Quin Browne said...

good luck with the drinks.. and on the game.

the weekend sounds full, and those are the best kind.