Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flowers for myself

These are the flowers I bought, and put in a vase in my apartment.

I live alone, am heterosexual and had an urge to have some flowers in my apartment, so I bought some flowers from a street vendor lady. When I bought them from the lady, I was giving vibes off that I was buying them for a woman. So in the real world I had an EENY TEENY bit of shame about what I was doing, enough, that I was pretending I was going to give them to a woman. In the Blog World, I am coming clean on it. Millions and Millions of people read this blog and will now know this about me. Ok maybe not Millions and Millions. In fact I dont know how many people read my blog because my software will not give up the analytics. My software is such a prude. I mean come on we have been together since January 3rd, give up the software already.


Brian in Mpls said...

I read it. And real men buy flowers for themselves I will have to put a pick up of mine so you don't feel any shame.

Bill From Gainesville said...

thanks brian

PhoenixHearse said...

Have you tried It's free, easy, and has great stats.

Native Minnow said...

Which stat thing are you trying to use that won't put out? You should go with sitemeter. Sitemeter will put out on the first date.

While we're confessing about doing things that gay men do, even though we're not gay men, I totally like having candles around the house. I'd have more, but I don't want people to think I'm gay when they come over, so I just have a really big one in my bedroom.

Native Minnow said...

And by the way, I'm not afraid of someone seeing the candle in my bedroom and thinking I'm gay, because then I can just push them over on the bed and show them I'm not. If they're female that is. If they're male I can show them I'm not gay by not pushing them over on the bed and sleeping with them. See how well that works out? It's foolproof.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Phoenix -I have not, Honestly I am thinking about all kinds of options, I kind of enjoy blogging and as hard as it is I can also see that I am getting better at it. Plus I like How I think about stuff a little differently in the real world. I suck at computery stuff though, and I honestly believe I did something wrong and now I dont have tech support anymore -- I take the long view. I think I will be a blogger for at least a year or so and probably sometime in the next half of the year I will upgrade the tech side of it... long winded answer for yes, I will check into what you said. but maybe not right away.
Minnow -- I am with you Its gay but I know I am not gay so why do I care about buying some flowers for myself? Society maybe? I will tell you this though getting a candle, Now thats GAY -- just kidding I like that also, damn I sound so gay..
Minnow two -- It is foolproof unless some disgusting woman goes in your bedroom, sees your candle and you dont do what you said because you are gay... its like that one tiny anomalie in a scientific theory that screws an otherwise Excellent Hypothesis

90hazelnut said...

Oh, don't be even a teeny tiny bit ashamed!
Be glad that at this moment, you celebrated your existence.
At this moment, I also celebrate your existence.
And from the little I can see, your place looks kind of cool - though I hope to never again set foot in FL, ha!

da lizza said...

it was a beautiful flower. sometimes you just need a flower or two.

and you should check out i think i like that even a little better than